Bike Blinder Road by Knog lights

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It is winter and night falls early currently a reason to review your bicycle lighting… I just tested with success the lighting before Blinder Road of the Knog trademark in addition to my Reelight lights. This fire before (there is also for the back but I have not tested it) is hyper-powerful, with the Blinder Road is not on a product for signs but for illumination of the road or the bicycle.
As a beacon of car you have the possibility of adjusting demand full lighthouse or less dazzling version but that is very sufficient for the city.
Here are some pictures of the luminous intensity of fire in situation: the system is easily installable on the handlebars of a bike (you can also install it on a helmet), given the presence of a luggage on my bike rack I have of the same in forward slash so it is well visible and effective. The battery recharges via USB, it is practical, a charge will give you between 1:30 and 2: lighting. This fire before Knog is available at lecyclo at the price of € 80.

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