Watering The Diva by Eero Aarnio for Alessi

The Diva is a watering can as there is not often used to see. The main water function is here and Additionally this object represents a Diva, what more! The Diva, designed by Eero Aarnio, will be marketed by Alessi.


Watch Kaj by Karim Rashid for Alessi

Kaj is a simple, very nice watch in black tones with needles that detach from the whole. It was designated by Karim Rashid, then to when in timefy? What we do not see is that the watch is relatively thick (a little damage in my opinion).


Vase by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas Architects

Zouhria is a vase designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas Architects ceramic and edited by Alessi. The exterior is dark and the inside of the vase is coloured, the Interior is visible through the large holes on the surface. Zouhria is available in limited edition.
The presentation of the vase by Alessi:

For the last two years we have been refining the entrance of this large Vase into our series of limited editions of 99 pieces each. The designers’ zeal and their unflagging vivacity have finally found fulfillment in “Zouhria”, in which Maghrebi Arabic refers to a “flower vase”, and at the same time is also, for us, a chance to celebrate the interesting new entry in the collection of the two Italian architects. Large vase in ceramic. Limited edition of 99 numbered copies and 9 artist’s proofs.