Low Pad by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini

Seeking a Chair I fell on the Low Pad Jasper Morrison and I made the comment I had presented this beautiful Chair on this blog. Low Pad is a type lounge chair that is published since 1999 by the Italians of Cappellini. Available as well as fabrics or leather for an amount between 1050 and € 1500 following coatings.


Garment flesh by Benjamin Hubert for Cappellini

The Garment designed by Benjamin Hubert Chair is a Chair original because the fabric that covers is contiguous and is mounted below the structure thanks to the Velcro. This choice gives a unique wheelchair since side according to envy the fabric may or may not be to the nearest structure. Garment is edited by Italian Cappellini.

Garment is a lounge club chair with a unique approach to the application and construction of textile in the furniture industry. The chair is a study into how to ‘dress’ a piece of furniture defying the conventional rules and construction of typical upholstery.