IKEA also offers adaptable offices in height to work standing

BEKANT is the name of this office which can be adjusted in height, allowing to work standing. It must be said that the principle of work standing and not sitting is currently fashionable.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yyl2NvKIK7M#t= 63


Storage table IKEA PS 2014 by Rich Brilliant Willing

Storage table is a table with storage space designated by the Rich Brilliant Willing collective for the PS 2014 of IKEA collection. This furniture table is colored with a color by floor of storage, storage that should lift to access objects. This table is sold €79.


New Ikea catalogue

The decoration and furniture IKEA stores chain has published its new catalog for the academic year 2013. You can see it below by clicking on the thumbnail:


KLIPPBOK an IKEA to let free application courses

KLIPPBOK is an application for ipad proposed by IKEA Australia. This application allows to create environments with objects IKEA. A very good way to get an idea of what might make you by creating a Board on style. Note that this application is free and therefore also suitable for we French.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=231tSVU0Nfw & feature = player_embedded