Agenda Moleskine Evernote

Moleskine will propose a product specifically designed for the Evernote site. This new book lets draw or take notes like on a classic book except that it allows a capture optimal image by the Evernote application. The book is supplied with “Smart Stickers” that allow you to tag automatically your captures. In addition to the book, Moleskine offers a 3 month subscription to Evernote Premium.

The Evernote Smart Notebook presents unique pages styles «lines Evernote» and «gridded Evernote» with dotted lines designed to ensure obtaining a clear picture when the digital capture of your book.

Watch the video you will understand!


A Moleskin per month

Great concept, always also class, Moleskin Publisher of fine books. The principle is simple: 12 books, one a month with a specific color. A good idea to not walk with a pad throughout the year!
For sale $ 40.