Unfold Lamp by Muuto

Muuto offers a new lamp that visually looks like many lamp but Unfold Lamp has the peculiarity of having a soft structure, what makes its charm and originality.
Via designmilk


Lamp Leaf by Broberg and Ridderstråle

Leaf is a new range of luminaire (asking, desk lamp) for Muuto. Designated by the duo Broberg and Ridderstråle. This line uses LED technology as the light source, the upper part of the luminaire can turn like this you can optimize lighting up.


Hang Toss Around of kitchenware by KiBiSi for Muuto

Hang and Toss Around is a range of kitchen utensils and cutlery salad designated by KiBiSi for Muuto brand that always offers minimalist products wish! The use of wood with this very basic form is particularly successful.


Wood Lamp by TAF

Wood Lamp is a lamp designated by Swedish architects TAF and is published by MUUTO. In the spirit of the Nordic design of wood and a large touch of simplicity in this lamp.
Here is the explanation of designers:

by designing a lamp in wood, we wanted to break with the high-tech of usual desk lamps; where they generally give the look very modern and technical. All the details in this lamp are selected from a pragmatic bias and all screws and assemblies are deliberately visible. The choice of simple methods and gives the Wood Lamp look gross and iconic.