PUMA bike series by Jens Martin Skibsted

If you like bikes you’ll love this range of bike designed by Jens Martin Skibsted for Puma. The entire series Biomega is superb both in design and colour… My favorite remains still this: these bikes should be sold in 2010 in the puma stores.


Table tennis PUMA by Aruliden

Here is a superb table tennis table for PUMA Aruliden designated. This table is black with a system of very graphic feet, certainly a table of ping pong for lovers of design also. On sale $ 1900 on conrad.


Black ping pong table by Aruliden

Designed by Aruliden for the PUMA brand, the table for ping pong Chalk is well design and change of the tables that we usually see. It is black and has the opportunity to write the score top chalk!

PUMA, CHALK TABLE. When did sports become so serious? When did being an athlete require you to sacrifice your life? Shouldn’t can’t playing a sport actually involve playing? Let’s bring back the social aspects of sports. Capturing joyful, active moments of life, for a different kind of athlete: The After Hours Athlete. Introducing the CHALK table tennis table, designed by aruliden for PUMA. Redefining the ping-pong table for that after hours athlete. Made by hand, the chalk table incorporates ash wood legs and a ceramic chalk surface – bringing a whole new spin to the game. Now available at The Conran Shop.

Via coolhunting