Reelight lighting without battery for your bike

If you follow this blog you know that the bike is one of my modes of transport preferred by his side practice and green. The worries is that in winter the night falls quickly and be cycling on the road isn’t the safest thing… It must, of course, a lighting system that is effective, several systems have already been presented here but that of Reelight seems to me one of the most powerful.
Reelight Sl 100 is composed of two modules, one for the front of white color and one for the back of red. The operating principle is based on magnetic modules that are fixed on each wheel spokes and the movement of the latter will operate lighting mounted on each wheel. It is smart, efficient and sustainable because without batteries! Watch the video you’ll immediately understand: today on the official website this module is sold €34, you can find a little cheaper at I for my part just to install this system on my Peugeot NS.

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