TED Building


TED Building, future site of urban mixity in Taipei

Envisioned by BIG Architects, the concept of this white building of cubic shape of 57 x 57 x 57 m was what let us dreamers. In project in Taiwan, this public building project aims to become a place of “urban mixity” accommodating both leisure, offices, shops, exhibition centre, that restaurants…
Without defining a predominant activity, the concept is based more on a place of Exchange and conviviality. Air and unblocking the inside and the outside, its structure draws a spiral inviting visitors to move from bottom to top, and this, until the hanging on the roof garden. It is on the last floor that a large arena open to public overlooks the city making it a privileged meeting and circulation space. What more? Beyond its aesthetic and social qualities, this building has environmental advantages. The slats of its structure including to balance the inner temperature throughout the year.
The exact location of the building is not yet disclosed… via http://www.evolo.us

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