City Notebook by Moleskine

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To visit a town in good condition requires a good guidebook but often you are likely to discover you also good places to dine or a nice place unknown to conventional guides.
With the City Notebook from Moleskine, here is a new version of the guide since it is you who write it! Moleskine provides you with the basis: plan subway, full of pages of city plan, but also gives you the ability to easily write your travel notebook.

– followed by recapitulative map of a series of cards divided by area. Subway map with list of stations – up to 36 pages of maps by area on a scale of 1: 5000 to 1:17000 and enlargements of the centre with alphabetical index of streets.
-Up to 76 blank pages to write, collect useful information, annotate thoughts, stories, memories.
-your personal archives on 96 pages: 12 sections with tab in two sets of 6. The 6 first have pre-defined tabs, the 6 following are customizable via adhesive joints.
-32 removable sheets for loose notes.
-12 sheets transparent sticky sticky to draw your plans.

The price of this guide is to 15.5 euros (at Jnf production), the following cities are now available: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome, Wien in other cities are planned soon.

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