5.5 designers


Tab. stool cushion by 5.5 designers

Hence the constant that cushion could be an element of Interior, 5.5 Designers has designed Tab. a stool ready to receive a cushion (not sold with the stool, to find you so). Tab. mounts without nails, screws or key (better than Ikea so), is plywood Birch and is worth € 69.


Radiator Heat by 5.5 Designers

Heat is a nice heater which has been designed by 5.5 Designers. The latter is based on the Quantum of Saint – Gobain Saint Gobain technology and as you can see from the picture the use of glass is important. Heat will be edited by Saazs.


H2O by 5.5 designers

H2O is a project of 5.5 designers for Hennessy. The objective of this object is cool cognac without so dilute it with a classic ice cube, indeed the water encapsulated in this drop will gently cool the beverage…


Fire Kit by 5.5 Designers for Skitsch

Fire Kit is the new product of the collective of designers 5.5 Designers. This time the designers have played on the Visual of a fire for a lamp to put down. This lamp is edited by Skitsch.