alain gilles


CONTAINER Sideboard by Alain Gilles for Casamania

Presented at the Milan fair, CONTAINER Sideboard designed by Alain Gilles for the brand Casamania is an original modular buffet with its posed “anarchically” compartments which gives a deconstructed to the Cabinet side.


Table low pasting by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo

Collage is a set of tables low designed by Alain Gilles. As you will see on the video the whole is very modular and thus to adapt to space and to the use. This product will be marketed by Bonaldo soon.


Translation Sofa by Alain Gilles who is Paul

Translation Sofa is the latest creation of Alain Gilles for the editor “Who is Paul”, this sofa is made of fully recyclable PE, it could therefore be put outside, near a pool possibly or in public spaces.
Size: 168cm L x 70cm L x 72cm H. / seat height: 38cm


Lamp solar portable rechargeable Nomad by Alain Gilles

Nomad is a lamp solar designed by Alain Gilles who is also well designed to emerging countries but also in the areas of the world where there is no electricity. Lamp, sold by O’Sun, is of course independent and environmentally friendly. The lamp is provided with a solar charger that allows thus re – supply.