Alex Dipple


Dots and full stops by Alex Dipple

Directed by Alex Dipple, Dots and full stops, is a composed work’s full-point cut and pasted on a sheet of 40 x 40cm. This achievement is also sold to date.
Here is the presentation by the designers:

Hundreds of dots, full stops and bullet points cut out of newspapers, compiled into a single image and stuck to board.
These works are durational and iterative.Collected over months each dot, box or line is as specific as the text fromwhich it was lifted.
These clippings fill spaces that hint of much larger spaces.
The tiny fragments of newsprint establish physical contactwith obscure documents.
The conspiracy of clippings in Dots 1 and 2 arecharged, battery-like. Here the traffic signals of an erased text kick about, no longer inconspicuous but full of potential.

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