Arnaud Lapierre


Go-go a baladeuse lamp by Arnaud Lapierre

Striptease is minimalist and beautiful baladeuse lamp with blue metal structure and the winding of the yarn that gives an interesting aspect to the product. This lamp is designated by Arnaud Lapierre.
Following the presentation of the object by the artist:

striptease, is a lamp that advanced the gaze towards the non-drawn, “non-designated”, and is the culture of the as critical form of the aesthetic object. Here the words and to focus attention on the primary, intermediate and functional of an object elements, to restore a sense via a function, and aesthetics via this new use. Striptease is lamp at halfway of the term and the lamp booster, its the Fed electricity cable, but also office suppressant day, for the frenching is required, proceed to sift and play graphically with the light.

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