Benjamin Hubert


Decanter wine by Benjamin Hubert

Here is a wine decanter which besides being elegant, allows in addition to decant and pour the wine. This decanter has been designated by Benjamin Hubert.


Chair talma by Benjamin Hubert

Talma is a beautiful range of chairs proposed by Benjamin Hubert. The concept is to dress a metal with a 3D textile structure. The rendering is nice and modern.


Armchair Talma by Benjamin Hubert

Talma is a chair designed by Benjamin Hubert for the brand Moroso. What is interesting with this Chair, very design, this is the impression that one has that the structure is wrapped in the cover that has a nice effect drappe. Rendering of the tissue that covers the whole is also very successful!


Garment flesh by Benjamin Hubert for Cappellini

The Garment designed by Benjamin Hubert Chair is a Chair original because the fabric that covers is contiguous and is mounted below the structure thanks to the Velcro. This choice gives a unique wheelchair since side according to envy the fabric may or may not be to the nearest structure. Garment is edited by Italian Cappellini.

Garment is a lounge club chair with a unique approach to the application and construction of textile in the furniture industry. The chair is a study into how to ‘dress’ a piece of furniture defying the conventional rules and construction of typical upholstery.