Constance Guisset


Sofa Nubilo by Constance Guisset

Nubilo is a pretty small capane two-seater designed by Constance Guisset for small fry. This sofa is associated with a set of organic round cushions that will give a note colored at all.


Box of shadows and lights with Vertigo

Vertigo is a wrap-around lamp which suggests an intimate space. Created by Constance Guisset and published by the small frying, this amounted to a CAP in suspension hybrid object folds with ease at the rate of air currents. Combining lightness and boldness, lamp Vertigo naturally blends into its environment while structuring space. Lit, she plays its shadows by projecting a graphic pattern on the surrounding landscape.
via small frying


Questions to…Constance Guisset

Woman with atypical route, Constance Guisset has ceased to go forward. Brilliantly graduate of the ESSEC business school in 1998 with Sciences Po in 2001, she decided to change his horizon in 2003. She studied at the ENSCI until 2007 as administrator for the Bouroullec brothers. Selected among the ten creators of Now! Design to live House and object in 2010, she has awards for his creations fluid and carrying of dream. All left to believe that it has found its way. Meeting.
What are your main sources of inspiration?
They are multiple. Contemporary art at which punctuates the daily life, I am sensitive to what is changing, what moves, which lives. The creative process itself is ever-changing and my work is often refined during the project. In General, it seems to me that all that relates to the culture nourishes the work of a designer.
If it should find three words to define you, what would they be?
Difficult to summarize his own work in 3 words… Playful, stubborn, and deeply animated by a desire for movement.
Add Ronan Bouroullec verbatim that “for it, there is no reason that this is not possible, she is afraid of nothing.”
A fetish object you characterizing?
Choose, this would be my radio. She follows me everywhere. It allows me to be listening to outside, to stir my curiosity. Source of escape without being invasive, it leaves free course to other activities in parallel, unlike most of the other communicating objects. My camera is a must-have another that allows me to capture the movements and emotions. It is a bit like my space of freedom and personal expression.
A design classic?
The coffee table of Isamu Noguchi.
A select, emotion, passion or reason?
The emotion.
How would you define your course?
As a conjunction of events finally enough logical…Already very small on my Workbench, I loved tinker and was always looking to arrange stuff. Curious, I have always was animated by the desire to combine intellectual and manual activities. Young at the time to enter in the studies, I myself am oriented in the most promising routes to give me the choice. But my technical sensitivity and my taste for the arts have followed me, and have overtaken me. Design me seemed to be an obvious way to reconcile the two dimensions.
How use – you these multiple skills in creating?
I see this route as successive stratifications. They enrich the connection that I can establish between dream and reality. My academic background probably gave me a sense of organization and a Faculty of concentration I Assistant today to my creative process. I work in fits and starts and revelations. When an image comes to mind, I put every effort for the materialize and give me the means to translate.
Balance between dream and reality are visibly part of your deep motivation. Is it, by the difficult time, a response to a desire to recklessness or a lever for innovation?
The two. Through my creations, I want to dream, to bring a bit of ephemeral and enchanting on a daily basis. The idea of movement is also recurring in my work, if not permanent. I am trying to gather my energy to make possible the complicated, to live at best. In short, my scale, bring a little dream on Earth.
What look do you wear on the current society and its design requirements? And for the future?
The current company denotes a certain unconsciousness that suggests that things arrive and without effort. This belief creates an illusion of ease that tends to simplify, to trivialize. In the future, I think that must be injected back emotion, feed the imagination, make a few elsewhere or even humour, without too much to take seriously. The art has a role to play in this evolution seems to me.
After the era of individualism, do you in more community living in the future?
I doubt that can be send to install a community life without interfering with the freedom of the individual. One cannot do everything together. However, I am convinced that the personal conscience and the accumulation of good individual actions can foster collective sense, that allows to interact better.
Ecology, product marketing or transfer necessary? How to integrate it in your work?
No doubt both. For what is my work, I joined not ecology as a constraint of departure, there where it is a fundamental objective for some. Nevertheless, she enrolled in a logic of integration to the project at each stage of development. In the choice of materials including.
Your next project?
I come to finalize a design for a choreographer to Suresnes Cités Danse. In addition, several objects should be edited for Milan 2011. Among other upcoming developments, the creation of a wallpaper for the Decorative Arts WallpaperLab, architecture and publishing projects which I can still talk too… In may, I will I grant a breathing time to give birth to my second child and take full advantage of what the eyes of children can make me as enrichment of any part assumed lightness, communicative optimism and filled wife. Believe that Constance Guisset also provides the means to navigate between its own dreams and reality, universe in which is is left to carry. His creations on interview by Hélène Robin for Blog Deco Design in January 2011