Frank Plant


Sculptures of metal as wall decoration

Posters or paintings, such as Marcelle Ferron, decorating your parts have done their time?   You want to decorate your room in an original way, why not opt for wall decorations, here’s Frank Plant signed designs an artist in Barcelona.  Here are some of his works in the years up to today.  You will notice the originality that fits very well with the theme of the play.
There are different part that mounts on the wall, other large sculptures that could furnish a room in your House.  The artist plays with textures and colours of the metal to represent situations or belittle social contexts.
Œuvre of 2011 imagine “People being people” in a Bachelor apartment a denunciation in ‘Some People with signs’ 2010 in an Office ‘Musing’ Œuvre ‘ Sunday in the park “comes from the inspiration of an afternoon of February between friends in a park in Madrid.
“A wolf in the sheep’s clothingh” qiu represents a build machine that is covered with foam and plant.
Œuvre of 2009 «Thaking the laundry”Œuvre 2008″We’re all so complicated.

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