Gianluca Soldi


Ovetto bin for sorting by Gianluca Soldi

Ovetto is a designer trashbins and especially very original, this garbage is used to easily sort through these three compartments. A product designed by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi. A product sold €179.
The presentation of the product:

OVETTO has been designed by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi, in order to promote and facilitate the sorting of waste. Its egg shape, its colours and its line smooth and tapered, make a design object that adapts to each location and type of development. Functional and elegant, OVETTO fits perfectly into private spaces (indoor/outdoor) as public, while respecting the environment because made in ABS and polypropylene recycled polymer. Space-saving (diameter 45 cms x height 84 cms), OVETTO is fixed on a rotating axis and may therefore be placed in an angle. With the help of a single object, it is now possible to separate quickly and easily waste.

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