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A graduate of the Ensci – workshops in 2001, Grand Prix of the city of Paris section Design in 2008, winner of the Agora Award for the Design of the factory plant in 2009 (collection of domestic objects designed based on agro-materials)… At 34 years, Gilles Belley breathes new codes in our daily lives by reconciling the notions of useful, aesthetics and ethics with finesse. A universe impress connecting with simple human nature. He exposes his vision.
What are your sources of inspiration?
The constraints of the projects.
If you spontaneously find three words to define you, what would they be?
Emotion, passion and reason.
And to choose?
A fetish object you characterizing? Or classic design object?
The book, great object that with very little means can all offer to its user.
What look do you wear on the current society and its design requirements? And for the future?
Basically our society need no more design and yet its perpetual mutations in require always more. Probably that the fields of applications of design that must evolve.
After the era of individualism, do you in more community living in the future?
If each found.
Ecology, product marketing or transfer necessary? How to integrate it in your work?
Ecology, moral and market value. It synthesizes extraordinary way the power of our society at all ever. Rather it is that happens to me in some projects.
Your next project?
A lamp and an exhibition on Hélène Berr. interview by Blog Deco Design in September 2010.
Portrait photo credit: Jacques Gavard

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