Phone DECT DP01 by Jasper Morrison

DP01 is a DECT designed by Jasper Morrison phone and proposed by Punkt. This phone is stylish, minimalist and at the forefront of what one can expect from a modern DECT phone without unnecessary features. It is available in white, red and black http://vimeo.com/20010880


Low Pad by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini

Seeking a Chair I fell on the Low Pad Jasper Morrison and I made the comment I had presented this beautiful Chair on this blog. Low Pad is a type lounge chair that is published since 1999 by the Italians of Cappellini. Available as well as fabrics or leather for an amount between 1050 and € 1500 following coatings.


Chair Hal by Jasper Morrison

HAL is a collection of shell (polypropylene or wood) designed by Jasper Morrison Chair by Vitra. HAL are simple chairs with a spirit quite 1950s from my point of view. Here are a few images of the version with armrests in metal.


Wall clock by Jasper Morrison

A basic wall clock, minimalist designed by Jasper Morrison for the Japanese Muji brand.


Chair Crate Series n ° 8 by Jasper Morrison

Crate Series n ° 8 designed by Jasper Morrison in 2008 is a chair with a steel structure with a foundation in strips of wood. We appreciate the simple side of this wheelchair and especially the fact that it can easily find a place outside.

The elementary properties of a wine crate found continue to inspire Jasper Morrison and are again at play in this addition to the Crate Series. The pp.133, essential nature of the series is reflected in this low chair with arms. The familiar fabric hinge, employed in design each of the Crate Series, is present and used to dramatic effect as a clever engineering element linking multiple wooden slats. These form a hanging seat suspended from a tubular steel frame generous.