Karim Rashid


Slice by Karim Rashid

Slice is a small object that will replace the good old cutter that could be found on a desk. Slice designed by Karim Rashid is a cutter new generation with a tiny ceramic tip who ultimately does well its job: it settles leaves and plastic packaging with ease without insofar as slice you your finger! Slice is magnetized which makes that you can hang it on a fridge or any metal object.
Can find Slice on the site of Lappad on sale to €6.


Watch Kaj by Karim Rashid for Alessi

Kaj is a simple, very nice watch in black tones with needles that detach from the whole. It was designated by Karim Rashid, then to when in timefy? What we do not see is that the watch is relatively thick (a little damage in my opinion).