Lars Pettersson


Bench FAT by Thomas Bernstrand and Lars Pettersson

The urban furniture designer is complex because products must be robust, reliable and weather-resistant. Then once these constraints met it is not uncommon that the product is basic and soulless… The FAT designed by Thomas Bernstrand and Lars Pettersson is simple while being stylish (mostly black). Note that there is also a sofa with a foot rest version.
The presentation of the designer:

The Fat is a furniture series suitable for shops, galleries, schools, healthcare environments and offices. Environments where you wish to convey a feeling of outdoors and indoors. The very pronounced clarity of the design makes the Fat the archetypal item of furniture for the purpose. The robust construction provides durability for use in heavy duty working environments. Great emphasis has been placed on sitting comfort, the angle of the back boards providing pleasing support for the back. The Fat is available as a bench and as a sofa, with or without armrests.

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