luis porem


APA a nice cabin at birds by Luís Porém

APA, Abrigo Para Aves, is a designated by Luís Porém birdhouse that has benefits to be put on the ground, on a stake or suspended in a tree, and be very design!
The explanation of the designer:

I started developing this project, after received the unexpected visit of a small sparrow outside my window. At that time I was able to admire it carefully. He showed is white chest while peeking inside the house. I wanted to open the window but he probably wouldn’t accept my invitation. “At the next visit I’ll have a place to receive you!” I thought.
APA welcomes small birds that are passing through and want a shelter for a while. APA can be established in various ways and serve different situations. Made in ceramic, it presents in various colours. Branch in metal.

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