Martin Bahrij


Martin Bahrij lamp

Martin Bahrij has just published a lamp concept that allows to change the light intensity in having recourse to an electrical inverter. The first impression is to see a jellyfish or a parachute that can be fold in order to reduce lighting power.

The design is based on a wooden keystone. In the middle are placed all the necessary cables and join. Between the bulb and the keystone of the knob is turned off one thread that keeps the entire structure. Attached to a wooden keystone are sixteen arms 2mm wide of a length of 60 cm each. At the end of each arm there is placed a wooden tip. Imposed on the entire structure is a natural material that is attached to the timber terminals. The ends are trimmed with a black material finish of the material. For timber terminals are attached, and strings are coiled together in a tail.

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