Quentin de Coster


Spot a beautiful home for birds by Quentin de Coster

Spot is a birdhouse, home for birds, simple and minimalist designed by Quentin de Coster. The latter consists of a foot that allows planting in the ground and a higher element to ensure the function ‘House’ for the birds. The approach of winter spot is a very good idea.


Office Animal by Quentin de Coster

Animal is a bureau for child designed by Quentin de Coster. We appreciate particularly the shape and storage space offset from the work surface. The alternation of colors is really going in the direction of the animal, very well seen!
The description of the designer:

Animal is the result of a focused reflection on formal and stereotypical perceptions related to the world of childhood. An attempt to identify the formal universe in which children aged five years evolve, they were brought to draw each table and a dog. Animal drawing then made from emerging graphic convergences of all drawings and updated form of Maple constraints. In this way, the Cabinet takes an animal simplified to the extreme, that beyond playful aspirations, allows him to exist without be used. Outgrowth of the plateau which summarises the head, offer the child a storage practice at arm’s reach communicating directly with the work plan.