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Wooden house: Top 5 spectacular designs

You are fans of architecture? Let’s look at the top 5 amazing houses which was made of wood. These artists have spent so much time working on these projects.It is incredible to see how they manage to work the wood to give it such beautiful wooden forms. There are what inspired the architects of wooden house!
5. The House in the trees by Robert Harvey Oshatz this sublime construction is located in Portland, Oregon. Begun in 2004, the construction lasted more than seven years. It is designed and manufactured by Robert Harvey Oshatz, architect who gave countless laward its time to make this wooden house a true work of art.
4. Around of fire by Haugen / Zohar Arkitekter to provide a protected area outdoors for the narration and the game, Haugen and Zohar architects architects have created an outdoor fireplace inspired Norwegian grass huts and traditional round wooden houses materials. Using recycled construction materials, home consists of superimposed layers of pine and oak on a concrete base. All results in a glowing silhouette that seems to change shape depending on the angle of view.
3. The Hobbits House, by Simon Dale artist Simon Dale is behind the design of this wooden house and it looks like in one of the films of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The House was built in harmony and in respect total environment and by reciprocity gives its residents a unique opportunity to live close to nature.
2. A wooden house with tunes of Jenga, by Sou Fujimoto Sou Fujimoto, a Japanese architect, has designed this small and primitive home to demonstrate the versatility of wood. Using only large wooden beams, walls, ceilings and the floor. The use of space is a long-time designer fascination – and the House set kind of spatial relativity cannot be achieved using coplanar floors.
1 Rustic log, by Piet Hein Eek Piet Hein Eek house built this mountain with a unique theme wooden chalet ‘. ” Combining a contemporary minimalist design from the outside and elegant decoration to the Interior, the use of blocks of wood on the outside gives the exterior design a unique look.

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