Stéphanie Knust


Lamp Zorro by Stephanie Knust

Zorro is a designated by Stéphanie Knust lamp, this lamp is interesting because the structure gives the impression of being unstable but finally the form allows to place it against a wall, a desk and so to have extra effective with its 90 LED lighting.
The presentation of Zorro by designer:

Unity in duality – space and light are a pair. This lamp´s angles play with the straight surface, they snuggle up or turn away. The three-dimensional Z-angle of the lamp is secure grip to lean around. Thus, it has either three points of contact or they can adapt themselves parallel to the 90-degree angle from wall to floor and secure it. The bent aluminum tube is anodized, the golden hue glows warm in the cool glow of light. Ninety LED light points are embedded in acrylic. Their light is concentrated and intensified. Through the frosted acrylic surface the material appears opaque white and the light is glare-free.

Source Deezen.

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