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Victoria Wilmotte is a graduate of Camondo and a Master of Product Design at the RCA in London (under the direction of Ron Arad). After outlining its ceramics in 2009 at Tools Galerie (“Domestic Landscape”), she was sought by the Gallery of Pierre Bergé & associés to create the collection ‘Marble connections’, presented at the beginning of the year in Brussels. A selection of folded metal parts has also just to be exposed to the London Design Festival. True to his personality, his sculptural creations perfectly reflect its straightforward and singular style. Meeting.
What are your main sources of inspiration?
Difficult to mention a source of inspiration itself… I dip my ideas instinctively in multiple expressions of everyday life, what surrounds me or what I perceive. I am very sensitive to the sometimes imperceptible details, perception of a material, the subtlety of a form, or the particularity of a mechanism. My trips can also feed my work. The Japan has particularly particularly marked me.
If you spontaneously find three words to define you, what would they be?
Reckless – Tenacious – demanding (maybe too should start by a third “T”?)
A fetish object you characterizing? Or classic object of design?
It seems that my scooter is representative of my personality. For a design classic, I would mention Ettore Sottsass ceramic teapots.
Choose, emotion, passion or reason?
Without hesitation the passion.
What do you wear on the current society and its needs for design? And for the future?
More and more, and less and less… The era of the quantitative unfortunately takes precedence over quality. Poured by facility in a recurrent duality: the shock to stop artificially or standardization to please the greatest number. For the future, I believe in the democratization of a creation traditionally reserved for galleries, and a closest design from its original definition. No doubt less overused, more subtle and bold.
After the era of individualism, you believe in more community living in the future?
At the moment, I see mostly commercial leverage…
Ecology, product marketing or necessary mutation? How to integrate you in your work?
It’s probably a necessary mutation. Very instinctive, I must admit that it is not a structural component in my creative process today. I am still very attached to materials, their history, their symbolism, and the intrinsic value of the object. My way, I can breathe new life into some of the details by creating new meetings. By combining such gross and noble materials.
Your next project?
I am currently working on the finalization of prototypes of boxes created for Tools Gallery… These boxes combine precisely two very different components by their nature and their use: the marble and enameled metal. Most private and project, I will soon invest of the arts of the table working on a future concept of restaurant table service… interview by Hélène Robin for Blog Deco Design in September 2010.

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