Yves Behar


System for drink cocoa by Yves Béhar and Fuseproject

It no longer presents the designer Yves Béhar and Fuseproject studio who likes to offer green products. The latest is a system for making hot chocolate following the tradition of Talamanca Bribri women, Costa Rica. The latter includes a cup and a stirring system which hangs on the latter. This Cup is sold to benefit the Rainforest Conservation.


Sex toy design by Jimmyjane

More time passes more sex toys is commonplace and return in morals. The press talking about it because it is trend, as Sex and the City TV series also launching modes, the Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator is now a best seller in the world of sex toys.
And the world of sex toys is also design, the evidence editor JimmyJane offers vibrating objects that are aesthetic as the Form that does not include the usual codes and was designed by Yves Behar.


Buy money clothing to support causes…

Yves Behar is a well-known designer, he did including the Leaf lamp. Once is not custom, and especially for the good cause there underwear for woman and man called PACT designated. There are three lines associated with three causes (the young writers, the protection of forests, and the protection of the oceans), 10% of sales are donated to these associations. Of course the cotton is organic.
And as they do things well, all forms are available from the string to the panties through the boxer for girls and the long boxer short to classic underwear for men.


LEAF lamp LED by Yves Behar

LED lamps are certainly the future of desk lamps and more. Leaf is a beautiful lamp designated by Swiss designers Yves Behar of Fuseproject. The LEAF shape is amazing, even the impression that it is a piece of DNA… LEAF design with these many bindings pivot provides very finely position the lamp and thus to guide in the best light.
This LED lamp has a low consumption 8-9 watts (40% less than a fluorescent lamp) and life (100,000 hours) eight times.


Bike Local by Yves Béhar for Fuseprojet

How not to appreciate this superb scooter designed by Yves Béhar for Fuseproject? The bike is simple and functional and can even carry children, equipment, a surfboard, what to surf there is that to test the bike!