Diversion of bath by Thomas Linssen

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A tub used for washing, Thomas Linssen think that this can also serve as a wheelchair, a concept interesting but hardly marketable from my point of view!
The presentation by designer:

Evolution is an important inspiration for my work.
Nature in form is determined by natural forces and elements.
Water brings us molluscs, the wind birds and land vertebrates.
Cold, heat, elevation, moisture, gravity, wind, sun, rain, snow and drought are all influences that determine how nature is designed.
Evolution is a gradual change, this means that time plays an important role as well. Something may occur in the water, evolve into something that lives on land and in the end it can possibly even fly. All these steps remain visible or explicable in the form of the animal.
I approach my work as living objects that are subject to the aspects above. This bathtub is created from a chair. The weight of the water helps determine the shape.

Via core777

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Link : www.studiothol.nl
Designer :

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