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Epure, graphic line and integration in space are three components that characterize the signature of the furniture designed by the society of creation and edition of furniture designnoma. There is no doubt that this concern of integration is related to the course and the personality of its two founders, Marc and Benoit, developing objects as a part of the overall architecture of a space. By outlining new volumes to cope. Creating useful and aesthetic asperities for a piece. By manufacturing furniture that perfectly blends into its environment, without ostentation. It is between two stands of brands (the multiple already seen gadgets and other shiny to don’t know what to do) that we have noticed them at the salon Maison & object, and chose reward at price discoveries. We want to share with you the discovery of these discrete editions with strong personality.
http://3-co-design.com/ http://boutique.designnoma.fr/

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Link : 3-co-design.com
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