Lestra Outdoor, a beautiful French brand of outdoor

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Indeed, without telling my life (it is not too much the idea of this blog) I have of find for my children (who are scouts) sleeping bags that allow to have a certain comfort for temperatures near zero degree so for the fall season and spring. Over my research, of course, I went through brands like decathlon but I also wanted to see alternatives at other manufacturers french history to compare models. After some reading of blogs and blog a visit to the site of the old camper I discovered Lestra, a French company that has existed since 1914 (a beautiful token of longevity), this company manufactures and markets comforters but also sleeping for outdoor activities equipment and it is this part that interests me today.
Lestra offers many years of material for shipments of large adventurers like Jean Louis Etienne, and here is a good guarantee of quality because these people don’t skimp on quality products because it is their life that is conditional upon the quality of the material they choose to take with them. In addition to this guarantee of quality, Lestra offers three ranges of sleeping with a design bags particularly managed with a look rather vintage that I appreciate. The Authentic range is very successful with a colour and a style that changes a little of what can be found today on the market.
For my part I am oriented model “Mount Everest” of the Discovery range that allows to sleep calmly in conditions ranging from 2 ° C to-2 ° C which seems to fit perfectly the conditions for shoulder season in France. Once approved product I have seen that the quality is at the rendezvous and especially that the quality/price ratio is very good especially if you buy this bag directly on the website of the brand because this model is sold €79, overall there is no better on the market.
Here are some pictures of the sleeping bag.
Next step test in situ but there he’ll have to wait a little the temperatures down a little!

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Link : lestra-outdoor.fr
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