Play your ipod in your bath

With TearDrop it is finally possible to listen to the music of your player in your bath. Indeed this speaker system is watertight and thus protects your ipod from your bath water! It works with the ipod nano and shuffle only, other models being too big! TearDrop cost $ 58 and is available in 3 […]

IPod bath
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Watch iCal for your rendezvous

iCal is the agenda of more Apple. The iCal watch is a project of petitinvention that displays the different make you your calendar directly on the watch. Recupperer information the watch communicates with your mac via Bluetooth, a project very geeky but very nice if it became real!

Shows calendar
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Boat House by Rost Niderehe Architects

Here is a very beautiful project of Rost Niderehe architects, 110 m2 on a boat, the result is really nice. The description of architects: The original idea has been design to a houseboat that essentially has the character of a boat in combination with the comfort of a traditional family home. The formal architectural language […]

House on water 4
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Bike Reelight GB lamp

Light on a bike is essential for the safety of the driver, as well to see as to be seen. Lamp GB of Reelight is small but filled fully its function. The system includes a front light and a red rear. The lamp has been awarded in 2013 with a red dot design award. The […]

Lamp bike design
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Flower cap for transforming a bottle vase

Flower cap is a simple product that can transform a simple bottle of water in a vase of extra although not ugly! Flower cap is proposed by Conte Bleu.

Vase bottle
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Chair LOU by Hanna Litwin and Amy Heide

Lou is a chair designed by Famos cosi. The base of this Chair looks comfortable with his small balls of wool. Behind lies a Pocket handy for storing a magazine.

Chair lou
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Quack thermos flask

Maria Berntsen has designated a superb product, the quack thermos flask which is other than a thermos. The forms are really attractive. These forms are possible through the use of a new plastics molding technique that allows to produce asymmetric shapes of this kind. Sale in the Georg Jensen store in Paris.

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Radio Mezzo by Ionna Vautrin

Mezzo is the new small radio proposed by Lexon brand. This last was designated by Ionna Vautrin. We of course appreciate the side vintage of this radio as well as the fact that it is available in 4 colors that will definitely match with any room in the House.

Radio mezzo 2
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Garbage Perigot for Rossignol

Here is the alliance of two companies of renowned Perigot for useful design products and Rossignol for the manufacture of mechanical garbage (not brand ski so). Here is what says Frédéric Périgot on the history of the design of this co-branded Trash: I didn’t draw a more trash. It is profiled as a cabin of […]

Trash perigot
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