Phone DECT DP01 by Jasper Morrison

DP01 is a DECT designed by Jasper Morrison phone and proposed by Punkt. This phone is stylish, minimalist and at the forefront of what one can expect from a modern DECT phone without unnecessary features. It is available in white, red and black

Dect telephone 3
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Slash Lamp, the customizable lamp by Dragos Modica

Slash Lamp is a lamp designed by Dragos Modica. The basic principle is to allow you to customize this lamp and therefore its lighting by breaking its concrete structure. Smart and very original.

Slash lamp 5
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Vase Hanabunko for the library

Hanabunko is a very simple vase in book form which logically will find its place in your library. Hanabunko is proposed by Spoon Tamago.

Vase book
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Death’s head-shaped eggs!

Death’s head is fashionable, and on your plate! This silicone product will allow you to Cook eggs on the flat skull-shaped. A product for adults and rather funny!

Skulls egg
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Tiwal, inflatable boat

Tiwal is a concept of inflatable dinghy (such as a paddle) who has the huge interest to not take place and therefore be easily transportable with his two bags of 25 kg.

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An egg for two?

Definitely I love almost all ‘Petites Productions’ products! Here’s a plate egg Cup for two eggs. The concept is excellent, in addition you have the place to lay your pieces of bread and cutlery. For sale € 40 small productions.

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High Chair Stokke Steps

When you have children you have chairs high so that ‘ they can eat at the table with the adults. The worry is that when they grow up you have to buy a new model. Stokke Steps is a Chair that goes from the youngest age of the child (greater than 36 months) up to […]

Design high chair 2
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Folding rain boots by Estel Alcaraz

The problem of rain boots is that it takes place when one goes on vacation. Estel Alcaraz found an original solution since boots Sardines can roll to be transported easily.

Boots sardines 2
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Honey Lovely Honey by Jamie Nash

How can you not love this packaging for “Lovely Honey” honey? In any case it is simple, the message is clearly visible, a very nice visual identity made by Jamie Nash. Via the dietline

Honey pot
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