Fabian Oefner, Hatch and Disintegrating, photos de cars exploded parts

Here is the very beautiful work de Fabian Oefner Hatch and Disintegrating on disintegration de vehicles. The result is stunning as you can see in the photos. Video de the making off allows de understand a little better how he could achieve this.

Picture car
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Bench which converts to swing by d van Dirk

A bench which simply converts swing for children, here is what offers d van dirk. The idea is excellent and proves again that design can bring to finally basic products.

Bench swing 2
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Bolt to charge your phone in mobility

Bolt is a small box rectangular which loads on a classical outlet once loaded you can recharge your mobile phone simply by connecting your phone to the Bolt. Simple, not too bulky and priori effective, Bolt should find its place in your bag to the side of your computer when you travel.

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Bank a simple piggy bank by big Game

Bank is a piggy bank very simple but which finally very much fulfils its role. In addition this piggy is really affordable, sold for $ 15. Bank is designated by big Game for Praxis Design.

Piggy bank design
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Clock Pendola by Joe Wentworth and Samuel Wilkinson

Pendola is a beautiful wall clock that innovates as it adopts the principle of clean old yesteryear clocks pendulum. This clock is designed by Joe Wentworth and Samuel Wilkinson.

Clock pendola
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Ball recycled for your dog

Certainly with this ball you are going to have a certain key in the public garden with your dog. The ball is manufactured by Planet Dog with recycled materials and is on sale $ 12.

Ball for dog
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Kids Rock the chair rocking for child by Alexander Taylor

Kudos for this flesh version rocking child designed by Alexander Taylor. The colors of the seat are fashies and adapted to the world of children and contrast with natural wood of the structure.

Rocking chair child
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Lamp Ludovica by Zanocchi and starke

Ludovica is an original lamp that includes a LED light source that is powered by a battery that has a battery life of 4 hours. The latter can be recharged by USB. Also note that this lamp can be dissociated from its base which can be used as a greenhouse books.

Lamp ludovica 5
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Flesh 01 by Menu

Here is yet a nice tripod Chair presented in Milan last week. Flesh 01 is designated by Menu and as you go see it this Chair is very simple especially at the level of his file which is for the less minimalist.

Flesh 01
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