Table low Up in the Air by Viccarbe

Up in the Air is a coffee table concept that the plateau offers a nice illusion as if fish swam under tray. It is seen, and the illusion is even a bit unsettling.

Table low fish
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Chair talma by Benjamin Hubert

Talma is a beautiful range of chairs proposed by Benjamin Hubert. The concept is to dress a metal with a 3D textile structure. The rendering is nice and modern.

Chair talma
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Reelight lighting without battery for your bike

If you follow this blog you know that the bike is one of my modes of transport preferred by his side practice and green. The worries is that in winter the night falls quickly and be cycling on the road isn’t the safest thing… It must, of course, a lighting system that is effective, several […]

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Armchair ZipLiege Z/01 by Schindlersalmeron

The flesh Zip Rock Chair is a chair rocking elegant all-wood especially in the black hue. This Chair consists of a medium to put his legs in order to relax comfortably. This Chair can also be customized so that it is perfectly appropriate to the morphology of the owner.

Chair rock zip
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Blocker door 16 tons

When you need to shim a door using a door hold more or less developed. This 16 ton door Blocker will ensure that the door will remain securely in place! Here for sale at a price of $ 40.

Block door 16 tons
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The empty Wallpockets pocket to hang on the wall

Wallpockets is an interesting product which incorporates the aspect of the kaleidoscope from a graphic point of view. The principle is to hang on the wall these small structures cardboard so you can place the contents of your pockets, efficient and very graphic on a white wall.

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Unfolding of a rhinoceros in origami by Sipho Mabona

Origami is an art that some perform at a very high level. The video below features the unfolding of a rhinoceros, there is that there is a bit of work!

Origami rhino
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Vizio a candle by Flusscreativo ashtray

VIZIO is a concept of ashtray associated with a candle, in fact the ashtray is a candle with a bit offset so as not to disturb the ashtray of the object function. Designed by studio Flusscreativo, this ashtray has the merit to be original and to reconcile the light of the candle with the cigarette […]

Ashtray spark plug
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Bureo the first snowboarding skateboard 100% recycled

The skate industry can sometimes also have ecological fibre and this time are Bureo team offering an incorporated Board of recycled fishing nets. The idea is not silly and the result is very successful.

Skate bureo
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