Turn the iphone into alarm clock with Snozze by Distil Union

Snozze is a really handy accessory for iphone. The latter is a stand, wood or aluminium, which helps keep your iphone in a position of alarm clock that you can leave on your nightstand. Snooze incorporates a cable to charge the phone while you sleep. This project is currently in fundraising at Kickstarter for a […]

Snooze iphone 2
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Alarm Clock by Philippe Tabet Sweep

Sweep Clock is a simple plastic. Philippe Tabet has opted to propose a revival that just meets the wake function, all without frills and it is rather successful as judged by the product images.

Design clock
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Take Off Your Shoes and Jacket by Ariane Maerz

Take Off Your Shoes and Jacket is a concept of storage for your coats and shoes. The principle is to have a metal structure that allows to hang your clothes or so in a low configuration your shoes. This product is designed by Ariane Maerz.

Storage shoes 2
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Tilt protection well thought for iphone

Tilt is a project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The idea is to offer a house for iphone 5 and 5s which brings more than protection of your device. Actually, this hull incorporates the attachment system conventionally used by cameras to mount tripods or other hanging systems. Note also that the rear of the hull […]

Iphone case
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Sofa Massas by Patricia Urquiola

Massas is the new couch Moroso brand which has been designed by Patricia Urquiola. This sofa can be customized through 13 different modules, fact that will make this sofa will fit perfectly in your living room! And in addition it is very successful, perhaps not in the brown color but gray makes very well…

Sofa massas 5
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Lamp Cloud by Clark Bardsley Design

Cloud is a triple lamp by Clark Bardsley Design. This imposing lamp is particularly suitable for the ceiling above a table in a room to eat for example. The peculiarity of the lamp is offal day mingle. A beautiful piece of design.

Light cloud
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Color Your Bin by Brabantia

Color Your Bin is the new collection of garbage by Brabantia. Unlike the other bins of the brand, it is customizable with a collection of more than 200 different colours. I had the opportunity to test the principle is the result lives up to the promise announced by Brabantia. So I chose a color (purple-grey) […]

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A puppy Dalmatian for Christmas

The puppy has become in a few years the symbol of the Magis design brand. This little dog has declined in several colors and materials to the sandstone mode and the desires of designers. The last variation is the Dalmatian which is very successful. A good gift idea for a child so that it is […]

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Door coat by Schellmann Furniture

Here’s a simple coat, minimalist, door is designated by Schellmann Furniture. No frills with this door design coat, a rectangular structure in metal with very fine amounts and voila. Very convenient for those who do not want to make holes in the wall!

Door minimalist coat
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