Vase V4 by Seung Yong Song

V4 is a range of original vases with a metal structure for support stem and a container to store the water needed to cut plants. Beautiful objects very air designated by Seung Yong Song.

Vase v4
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Armchair Polygon by Numen

Polygon is an armchair with the appearance a little oldies, the influence is clearly that of the 1950s. Polygon is proposed in different colours, we appreciate models with bright colors that contrast with the influence of the design.

Armchair polygon
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A superb bike wooden

You like bikes and beautiful things then you will love this bike in solid Ash with its metal parts printed in 3D. The bike is original and is designed by Paul Timmer.

Bike wood
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Couch led by Jörg Schellmann

Conduit is a sofa very graphic designed by Jörg Schellmann. This sofa is produced by Moroso. We appreciate especially the colorful line that circle the sofa.

Couch leads
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Portable lamp by Ionna Vautrin

Clover is a lamp designed by Ionna Vautrin and edited by Lexon. This lamp is portable with a system of wire to tie it. The colors are bright and that the product is nice. Interesting point she recharges USB on the computer.

Lamp clover
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Dining table which also made ping pong table

Here is a table for the dining room that will interest fans of ping pong and those who have children who love this sport. Indeed, RS Barcelona and Antoni Pallejà have designated a convertible table with a retractable NET and a space to store your snowshoes. The set is very nice and especially does not […]

Table ping pong design 5
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Table by Jason Phillips Subatomic

Subatomic is a dining table with a very original frame with twisted wire which must not be practical to put his legs under the table, but visually it’s top.

Design table
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Beautiful design staircase in Mumbai

Here is a staircase original design, directed by arqmov, which is located in an apartment in Mumbai, India. The principle of using the same plank of wood to the market and the railing is just perfect and very elegant.

Staircase design
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Armchair fur by the Haas brothers

Very fashionable at the moment here is the Chair covered with a skin of animal by the Haas brothers. The whole is therefore very animal and must be very hot for long winter evenings by the fire.

Armchair design fur
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