Lamp Zero G Serise by Sdesignunit

Zero G is a lamp on the floor that is designated by Sdesignunit. Pretty and original at same time!

Lamp zero g 3
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Kangeri mobile radiator by Satyendra Pakhale

Kangeri is a radiator mobile designed by Satyendra Pakhale for the Italian brand Tubes. The object is to 1000 places of a classic radiator and this is what attracted our attention. Kangeri is available in white or black in order to integrate better with your interior.

Mobile heater
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Bed Legnoletto aluminum

Legnoletto bed in Maple structure, integrated headboard shelves the rest of the structure is aluminium… So with this bed your bedroom does not become trend… Personally this is the first time I see a structure in aluminium! The alu is good but this is not given, this bed prices vary depending on size between 2000 […]

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Czyk Fold out Chair

Fold is an outside proposed by czyk Chair. Fold is made of very fine steel (2mm), which makes it not too heavy. The design is nice and should very well be integrated on a terrace…

Chair outside
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Strip Block Cord by Okum

Block Cord is a power strip as not often seen. Indeed, this outlet is composed of a set of square blocks separated by wooden balls. The visual aspect is superb and indicates with the traditional plug plastic! A product offered by Okum.

Jack block cord
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IREC a speaker for iphone at the look of an old magneto

IREC is a vintage object to listen to music from your iphone. The look of IREC resumes exactly that old manual tape recorders that could know a few years ago.

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Table low Lifestyle by Sara Huston

The table low lifestyle of Sara Huston in 2005, has cutouts for storing magazines and thus insert them into the coffee table of the product function. This table is made of plywood (plywood). The Visual effect is very friendly.

Table low sara hutson 3
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A mug to warm up your hands in winter by Sabrina Fossi

What could be more pleasant than to use a good hot coffee or tea in the winter after a release on the outside. The interest is of course warm up but also warm your hands that are logically cold after your walk. Here’s a not idiot mug concept as it allows to efficiently warm your […]

Mug winter
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HAIBARA a set of correspondence

HAIBARA is a set of letter paper and very graphic envelope with its colorful borders which give a beautiful minimalist appearance to your correspondence.

Paper 3
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