Bowls Nest by Joseph Joseph

Nest is a set of spoons for dosing, bowls and Salad bowls offered by Mark Joseph Joseph. What is interesting with these products is that everything is fitted on a minimum footprint in your kitchen and the colors are really flashy.

Bowl nest
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Enclosure by Bang & Olufsen Beolit

Beolit is a beautiful speaker wireless aluminum for smartphones proposed by one of the references of the Bang & Olufsen worldwide. As the brand offers a perfect, minimalist object and meeting the expectations of lovers of good sound.

Beolit 2
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Cortiça Chaise Lounge

Daniel Michalik is the designer of this Lounger which is handmade from recycled Cork Stoppers. The interest of this Chair is to be light, rot-proof, waterproof, so can be used both indoors and outdoors. Cortiça Chair Lounge is on sale at branchhome priced at $ 4988

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Minimalist speakers Stelios by Cloudandco

Cloudandco offers a pair of bluetooth, Stelios speakers, ideal for computers. These speakers are small and aesthetic as you can see in the pictures below. The base of each speaker is beveled practice to guide the best sound.

Speaker laptop
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Lime by Trekbikes

Trekbikes lime is a bike very nice and especially very design! In addition to his minimalist side, this bike features a package of technologies as a passage of speed shimano system very convenient in town since the passage of speed is automatic according to the effort you apply on the pedals. This bike incorporates also […]

Lime trekbike
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Roland Garros seen by 5.5 designers

The collective 5.5 designers has struck again with a misuse of codes of Roland Garros, transforming thus the box of balls in a vacuum, snowshoes in stool (stacked by a professional) and the scoreboard in Blackboard to record its todo lists.

Roland garros 2
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Door wall coats by Jade Barnes-Richardson

What’s harder to innovate with products like the hooks or the hangers. Jade Barnes-Richardson away from coat hangers to make the wall hangers, it’s elegant and original. Via designerblog

Door coats
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Capture, a very large lamp by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge has hit hard with this huge lamp (80 x 160 x 160 cm) which of course will be designed for large spaces. Forget so this model if you live a two low pieces of ceiling! Also the lamp was produced that in 10 copies, it is therefore rather a case of collectors! This […]

Light capture 2
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Series of mugs very sober

Sober of course, but these mugs, “mug philosophy” are signed with an explicit Word: dream, break, create, calm, think or begin. It’s minimalist, white, class, this gives almost want to drink a little tea! On sale $ 12 at Paper Source.

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