Boat Aeroboat by Claydonreeves

If you like boats you will appreciate this Aeroboat designated by Claydonreeves. This boat is based on the famous Spitfire fighter of the British army. This boat can ship 7 persons and is ballad at a maximum speed of 75 knots… A fast yacht for people certainly a bit rich!

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Bench The Air by Daniel Garcia Sanchez

The Air is a bench in the lounge spirit, nothing that looking at the photos we want to arise in to rest. The frame consists of straps to provide some comfort.

Bench the air
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Warp Your Room by Surrealien

Warp Your Room of Surrealien is a concept of very innovative wallpaper that gives an optical effect very surprising since it adapts to objects on the wall (tables, sconces, taken…). Of course it’s paper on measurement… I do not imagine the price per metre but the concept is really nice… Discover at Surrealien.

Warp your room
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Pocket of blood for children

Here is a project of the English of Dunne and Raby who has the merit to make sympathetic an object that is not at the base (at least the context in which it is used is not). Teddy Bear Blood Bag is therefore a blood bag-shaped Teddy bear (which could be ideal for children hospitalized […]

Teddy bear blood bag
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Lamp economic blightster by Rodrigo Alonso

Rodrigo Alonso has designated a packaging that serves extra lamp to hang or lay it on the table. The principle is simple since it is enough to put a light bulb in the plastic envelope and then connect… A simple, economical and practical lamp.

Lamp economic 4
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Furniture IDV Cord by Ilan Dei Venice

IDV Cord is a beautiful range of furniture for outdoors designed by Ilan Dei Venice. This range is in the pure line of furniture from the 1970s with the famous seat in synthetic rope system.

Furniture outdoor design
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Puzzle by Emmanuel de Landtsheer chopping board

The cutting Puzzle, designed by Emmanuel de Landtsheer, Board is a practical Board since it will allow you to add items to enlarge the cutting surface. The cutting board is bamboo. It is clever and yet once you had to think!

Board cutting
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Mirror Orion by Sofia Designers

Orion is a small mirror designed by Sofia Designers. This mirror is below all round with a hook to hang a keychain or even a bag. We can very well imagine this mirror in an entry.

Deco mirror
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Origami Sofa by Yumi Yoshida

Origami Sofa is a sofa designed by Yumi Yoshida. This sofa to the particularity of bending to form a mat, it is brilliant and well thought for small spaces because we can store it easily.

Foldable sofa
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