Axor Starck faucet V by Starck

Here is a beautiful faucet designed by Starck for Axor brand. What we like from above all it is the transparency of the exit of the water system which produces a very original Visual effect!

Transparent faucet
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Armchair DS-277 by Christian Werner

The DS-277 Chair proposed by Christian Werner is a Chair made to rest with class. This Chair has a footrest and tilts 17 ° maximum. DS-277 is interesting because there remains, however, very modern!

Design chair
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Cot Pod by Ubabub

Pod is a pretty cradle rounded. As any modern crib, this bed is evolving with a mattress which can be mounted for months and can also turn into junior bed once the largest child. Pod is designated by Ubabub.

Cradle pod
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Nice little piece of furniture by Wfourdesign

Here are found on Etsy, which is therefore the handmade furniture. We so love this side handcraft and its very convenient format for a salon or beside a pair of chairs. The choice of vivid color base is a good idea!

Etsy furniture
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A beautiful black shower

A matte black shower system, what a great idea. It’s original and the Visual effect is guaranteed for a bathroom in black and white. This facility was set up in an apartment in Kensington. Via apartmenttherapy photography Terence Chin

Black shower
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Fabian Oefner, Hatch and Disintegrating, photos de cars exploded parts

Here is the very beautiful work de Fabian Oefner Hatch and Disintegrating on disintegration de vehicles. The result is stunning as you can see in the photos. Video de the making off allows de understand a little better how he could achieve this.

Picture car
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Bench which converts to swing by d van Dirk

A bench which simply converts swing for children, here is what offers d van dirk. The idea is excellent and proves again that design can bring to finally basic products.

Bench swing 2
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Bolt to charge your phone in mobility

Bolt is a small box rectangular which loads on a classical outlet once loaded you can recharge your mobile phone simply by connecting your phone to the Bolt. Simple, not too bulky and priori effective, Bolt should find its place in your bag to the side of your computer when you travel.

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Bank a simple piggy bank by big Game

Bank is a piggy bank very simple but which finally very much fulfils its role. In addition this piggy is really affordable, sold for $ 15. Bank is designated by big Game for Praxis Design.

Piggy bank design
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