City Notebook by Moleskine

To visit a town in good condition requires a good guidebook but often you are likely to discover you also good places to dine or a nice place unknown to conventional guides. With the City Notebook from Moleskine, here is a new version of the guide since it is you who write it! Moleskine provides […]

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Gus Wideframe to store your magazines

Wideframe by Gus is a small stand to lay next to her sofa to store magazines, cousins, or blankets. The steel structure gives a nice slightly industrial side and the top wooden a side classic.

Gus wideframe
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Washbasin NOTE by Emanuel Rufo

Here is a range of four washbasins designed by Emanuel Rufo to Sanindusa. The rectangular version is minimalist as we love it and may put themselves on the side or face!

Rectangle basin
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Storage table IKEA PS 2014 by Rich Brilliant Willing

Storage table is a table with storage space designated by the Rich Brilliant Willing collective for the PS 2014 of IKEA collection. This furniture table is colored with a color by floor of storage, storage that should lift to access objects. This table is sold €79.

Storage table 3
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Chair Hummingbird by Markus Johansson

Hummingbird is a modern Chair inspired by the old Scandinavian chairs. This Chair is designated by Markus Johansson who makes a nice product that mixes modernity and tradition. The raw wood with grey underlay version is perfect.

Chair Hummingbird 3
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Eon wall mirror by household

Eon is an object of decoration to hang on the wall, colorful this object is similar to a mirror even if the presence of note of color must interfere with this feature. Whatever the family offers a beautiful object that brings a note of color on a wall. We also appreciate the aspect “Blazon” given […]

Mirror eon
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Nest Protect a detector of smoke and CO design and innovative

Nest is one of the most advanced in terms of connected objects. After the thermostat has to present a smoke detector much more intelligent than those that is currently in France. The Nest Protect is a smoke and CO detector that driver from a smartphone. In addition to the Basic for this kind of product, […]

Nest protect
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Solid soaps by company of provence

Here is a beautiful packaging of the company of provence in the inspiration that may propose Pantone. Each SOAP is presented in a package of color with a simple inscription. The packaging with the batch of three soaps was also very successful.

SOAP color
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Lamp balloon by Uli Budde

Balloon is a table designed by Uli Budde lamp. The design of this lamp mimics the form of an inflatable balloon, the light source being hidden behind the form providing a beautiful ambient light.

Balloon lamp
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