Edith Levin, connect the dots

Here is a really nice dishes principle called “Connect the dots” (connect the dots, as on to children’s games) which gives a visual effect quirky and very visual. The Cup is truly original and plates also (to see the site of Edith Levin).

Design Cup
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Boo by Martin Kallin outdoor fireplace

Boo de Martin Kallin is an aesthetic system to burn wood logs outdoors. The aspect is very successful but be careful if you are located in a place with wind and fire risks. Anyway a nice product that will be published by Skargaarden. Note that boo is used in both senses (see the photo). .

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Mirror VIPP913 by Mortem Bo Jensen

We know Vipp for these beautiful design garbage, here’s a nice mirror to the frame in aluminium designed by Mortem Bo Jensen. Of course we like the simple look and class of this product. For sale € 900 directly from VIPP website.

Mirror vipp
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Lockitron a closing door controlled by smartphone

Lockitron is a very ingenious system that allows to control the opening and closing of the door via an application installed on their smartphone. The principle is really interesting because it revolutionizes the principle of locks that require a key. With this principle the key is your smartphone. One of interest is that you can […]

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Stool Buoy by Turnstone

Buoy is a stool new generation with a nice choice of color for the seat but also and above all the ability to fit height to be able to use it in any configuration: around a base table or well before an office.

Stool buoy
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Meridian Kulle by Stefanie Schissler

Kulle is a chaise lounge a little amazing designated by Stefanie Schissler. As you can see the Meridian has led that aim to provide you with a new sensory experience. A test to see whether or not it is comfortable! In any case it is aesthetic.

Meridian relaxation
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Pot holder: Kochhandschuh me / you by Side by Side

Schlicht nilshon Design has designated for Side by Side a pair of pot holder, side a beautiful red with a ‘me’ top and side face a gray felt with a “you” above. About €30.

Kochhandschuh me / you
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Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

Fungi Lamp is a range of lamps designed by Andreas Kowalewski. The use of nylon participates in the original side of these lamps. As you can see from the images below, these lamps are available in version on foot either to lay on a table, all in a beautiful range of colours. Via mocoloco

Fungi lamp
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Computer edge wooden keyboard

Here is a nice keyboard bluetooth for your computer or your tablet. This keyboard has the particularity of being wooden. The idea is original and allows to change plastic keyboards to find the touch of real wood! This keyboard is proposed by the edge mark.

Keyboard wood 3
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