Armchair Elephant Rocking by Paster and Geldmacher

Here’s a chair rocking version of the Elephant of Kristalia armchair that has been awarded the year last with an Interior Innovation Award. The rocking chair is a classic in the concept of customization! This version is the result of the work of designers from studio Paster and Geldmacher.

Rocking chair
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Door coat WAW by Michaël Bihain

Michaël Bihain has that must be the table low Iris and Ondine has released a coat called WAW door. It is really simple, beautiful lines, painted metal (orange, white, black and gold), and which can easily grow by adding other elements.

Door coat waw 4
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Plumen 002 a beautiful efficient bulb

We presented the first model of the plumen bulb, the 001. This lamp is perfect for spaces requiring therefore lighting, on the other hand for those requiring less strong light the 001 was not relevant. So here is the plumen 002 which is currently in phase of funding on Kickstarter fundraising. This bulb delivers a […]

Bulb plumen
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Convenient Rufus Walter by Swedish Ninja

Resulting from the ‘Chaotic Love’ collection presented in Milan last week and designed by Swedish Ninja, the Rufus Walter Dresser is interesting with its original colors as well as its particular with this door of bias design right.

Chest of drawers
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Printing nail in 3D by Sarah C. Awad

Here is a use of the 3D for the least original printing process. Indeed, artist Sarah v. Awad used 3D printer to make the fake nails to stick, these are rough edges that give those fake nails a very original effect as you judge him on the photographs of the artist.

Nails 3d
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Sofa inflatable Summertime and Autumntime by Valerio Berruti for Gufram

Valerio Berruti has designated an inflatable sofa in limited edition for the famous brand Gufram. This sofa is therefore suitable for outdoor or indoor use which is published 250 copies for each variant, the summer and the fall.

Gufram sofa
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Speaker by Coralie Gourguechon anatomical Board

Coralie Gourguechon directed an anatomical Board of a speaker which allows to understand the principle of operation of this unit through a graphical approach. In addition to its usefulness, this project is very esthetic!

Anatomy speaker
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The 1970s vintage phone

Remember you old phones from the 70s with their design if particular nowadays phones resemble more and more mobile phones with features more advanced at the risk of no longer be focus on telephony function. Here is an online store that offers phones vintage old-world design with even a slight touch of modernity in terms […]

Phone 70 6 year
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Cubit a modular library to create yourself

Cubit is a product very well thought for those who want an original library and which adapts to your room and your wall. Cubit is innovative by design because we buy modules that are then assembled through a system without screws. Then depending on the height of your accomplishment you attach pasta on the wall. […]

Library cubit 3
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