Buffet Kyoto by my Colonel

Here is a simple buffet offered by the French brand Mon Colonel wooden. The latter has doors louvered with horizontal and vertical lines which gives it a lightweight style. An achievement which was presented at the last home and objects in Paris.

Buffet kyoto
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Pot pencil Pooleaf

Pooleaf is a pot to pencil that does not look like a pencil pot but looks rather like a pot of wild grasses. The idea is nice and it is certain that this will give a touch of greenery to your work plan. There are three colors proposed for pencils.

Pencil pot herb
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Armchair wheelbarrow by Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall

Funny concept of integrated Chair in a daredevil but strongly improved structure in terms of comfort as you can see from the photos. Designed by Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall, this Chair also offers a tablet to be able to make the computer if necessary. Via designboom

Wheelbarrow wheelchair
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Modenatiesofa by Stefan Schöning

Stefan Schöning is the designer of this metal sofa that has the particularity to perfection furnish the space in which it is situated. The Modenatiesofa is currently in place at the “flanders fashion museum” for those who live in Belgium.

Modenatiesofa by stefan Schöning
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Wiegen Stroller

The Wiegen Stroller is a stroller pram for the least original part its shape and colors flash. I think that future mothers might be tempted by this product (still in the concept stage)…

Wiegen stroller
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MIURA Stool by Konstantin Grcic

MIURA is a stool designed by Konstantin Grcic for Plank brand. It is made of recyclable polypropylene which is rather a good point. A beautiful modern version of the bar Chair.

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Lamp Waterproof by Hector Serrano

Here is a completely waterproof lamp that can float in a pool at night. You can see in the photo below that the result is really friendly and more elegant than a traditional light. A product to Hector Serrano designated for Metalarte brand. In the off position the day out of the water (to charge) […]

Waterproof lamp
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Beautiful building with a green roof

This building of the School of Art, Design and Media at Singapore Nanyang Technological University is simply crazy! The very special this school with its curved shape green roof gives an amazing building. There are even the impression of having the possibility of being able to walk on this roof that forms a sort of […]

Green roof
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Hugger Musguard for fixies by Niko Klansek

The problem of the fixie is the fact that there are no fenders and so that when it rains you go mess you… Musguard is a kickstarter project that offers to sell a malignant fender system which is fixed in two seconds on the bike and if it doesn’t rain this one wraps around the […]

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