Diversion of bath by Thomas Linssen

A tub used for washing, Thomas Linssen think that this can also serve as a wheelchair, a concept interesting but hardly marketable from my point of view! The presentation by designer: Evolution is an important inspiration for my work. Nature in form is determined by natural forces and elements. Water brings us molluscs, the wind […]

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Board by Maija Isola Maija Louekari Marimekko

Big fan of Marimekko, I just find two beautiful cutting boards for the kitchen by Maija Louekari (black) and Maija Isola (the green). All is in the graphic style of Marimekko and its printed matter.

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Project for residential building in Copenhagen

This is an architectural project which has the merit of being original. View of the upper one almost has the impression that one is to stacks of plates poorly arranged… Whether if the ceiling height is the same in all the apartment. In any case I like the offbeat side of the building. This project […]

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Fan d’apple and photoshop?

This product is for you: it’s a wrapper keyboard silicone with the functions of photoshop, on sale $ 23 here.

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Polar bear rocking

The rocking horse became so common here is the polar bear rocking by NettoCollection… The principle remains the same but the animal is much more likely than the horse! For sale $ 300.

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Book Box by Lucanichetto

The Hook Box is a smart jacket that incorporates a box above the hanger to store what you have in your pocket, very clever and practical… Discover the site of Lucanichetto

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Hotel QT – New York

The hotel QT is located in New York near Time Square, it offers 140 rooms all superbly designated by AndrĂ© Balazs Properties and Lindy Roy. Here is the kiosk: the lobby: swimming pool: the mezzanine: A room with her bed height: another room it also nice: yet another Chamber more suitable for groups of friends […]

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