Fire HABs SOLO by Matheus de Luca, Pinto Moreira and Porto Alegre

SOLO is a concept of modular HABs fire to be use with HABs fire or traffic light then work, accidents or plug. The lights are provided by LEDs which allows to display more information than traditional lights! SOLO is a project of Matheus de Luca, Pinto Moreira and Porto Alegre. Via Yanko

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Tiffin lunch kit, a lunch box design by Miss Sinclaire

Tiffin lunch kit is a box lunch to take to the Office or at a picnic the week end. It integrates a closure system that maintain closed the compartments so that it reverses during transport.

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Mini camera Clap

Clap is a mini USB camera to take images in a resolution of 2 million pixels. Of course this is not a camera phone module but the device is cute and connect directly to a computer via a USB port.

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Sofa Break by Pascale Grossmann

Break is a sofa that adapts to the posture of one that installs it. Thus in the lying position the sofa married the shape of the back for optimal comfort. Break has been designated by Pascale Grossmann. This sofa will be presented at the next satellite of Salon du Meuble 2012 show in Milan. Break […]

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Sleep quietly in the Office!

Here is a concept that will appeal to those who practice the NAP at the Office. With OSTRICH you put your head inside and your hands and hop’re you in a cosy environment and adapted to the NAP on a desk!

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