Armchair fur by the Haas brothers

Very fashionable at the moment here is the Chair covered with a skin of animal by the Haas brothers. The whole is therefore very animal and must be very hot for long winter evenings by the fire.

Armchair design fur
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Trash in table by Crous Calogero

Here is a simple object that will fit on your desktop to associate a small beautiful basket design paper. Lugano is proposed by Crous Calogero.

Trash design office
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Design underframes for Office Diamond Green

Diamond Green is a set of design underframes for desks. These Trestles are in metal with a sleek form that immediately gives a beautiful appearance the ironing rest on it.

Trestle design 2
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Armchair Octave

Octave is a Chair in wood with an effect spiral striking trompe-l’oeil. Indeed, one has the impression that the seat is the result of a folding or something of this kind. Octave is offered by estampille52.

Armchair octave
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Sofa Pezio by Ventsislav Ivanov

Pezio is a pretty highly graphical sofa with its trapezoidal shapes and its bright colors and very simple games. This sofa is proposed by Ventsislav Ivanov.

Sofa pezio 5
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Lamp under my tree by Florian Brillet

Under my tree is a lamp designed by Florian Brillet and edited by Ligne Roset. This ex-hand lamp is waterproof and can be used outdoors. The basic principle is to have a natural light that can cling to the branches of the trees.

Lamp under my tree
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Ingenious convertible table

This table, industrial influence, can turn into a table or a shelf vertical or even an oblique shelf. It is clever and this allows to have an extra table that does not take much space when stored.

Table shelf
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Drip elephant with evacuation

The idea is not silly, here’s a drip tray to put next to a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink that incorporates an ingenious system of drainage water, thus more stagnant water problem…

Drainer kitchen
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New logo Sonos by Bruce Mau Design

Bruce Mau Design has made the new Sonos logo and the result is very surprising, because the bottom of the logo chosen appear effect moirĂ© when one goes down on the page (scroll in English). Made the test and you will see as waves propagating on the background of the image… Successful in any case!

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