Minimalist fireplace by Porsche Design

Who has never dreamed of having a beautiful fireplace at home? The problem is that everyone is not duct or chimney simply. This beautiful fireplace designed by Porsche Design will come may find its way into your living room. The principle is to be minimalist with a system moving away to allow the flame to […]

Fireplace design 2
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Bed with bedsides tables built by Roy Letterlé

Here is a project of bed with bedside tables built into the structure of the bed. This bed is a concept from designer Roy Letterlé. The idea is interesting and responds to the problem of the choice of this famous bedside table!

Bed nightstand 2
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Split Mirror by Ontwerpduo

Split Mirror is a mirror with lateral faces of bias in order to have other angles of vision. This mirror proposed by Ontwerpduo exists in version on foot or to hang on the wall. An interesting and convenient product.

Split mirror 9
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Bearing design by Oboio

Have a bearing in his room may be useful for some and some! Here is a template designed by Oboio, we appreciate the principle where everything comes in the bottom drawer and it mounts easily. Downwind integrates the drawer at the bottom but also an intermediate level with a bar and small mobile shelves to […]

Design clothes
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Dishes covered by Till Kobes

Till Kobes has made a beautiful concept of cutlery design and especially flat. These seats do not resemble what you used to see on the market, they are flat, thin and very geometric, remains to be seen if this is convenient to eat with!

Design cutlery
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Dishes and plates by Poketo

Poketo offers a beautiful range of plates and ceramic plates. We of course appreciate the simplicity and the small border of color around the perimeter of each element.

Design dish
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Suitcase kame by Nendo

The Kame suitcase is an interesting case because it incorporates a practical and clever opening system and a nifty lock which will allow you to attach it to a post at the airport for example.

Suitcase kame
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JEEP Chief Concept

Here is an interesting concept of modification of Jeep, the Jeep Chief Concept is based on a Jeep Wrangler and as you can see the result has more to do with the original and all is rather not bad at all!

Jeep chief concept
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Table by Dana Cannam

Here is a nice table designed by Dana Cannam. What is interesting with this table is to see the feet out of the plateau and thus decorate the table naturally. Remains to be seen if this is practical on a daily basis.

White design table
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