Leaf Lounge Chair by Arper

Leaf Chair Lounge is a chaise longue with a solid structure made of steel rods. The interest of this Chair is that it can stay outdoors on your patio for example… Price: € 1339 here.

Leaf lounge chair
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Cityscapes by Ákos Major

Here are a few photographs of urban landscapes by Ákos Major which are worth a visit. The entire series is to discover on the site of the photographer.

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Lamps AFILLIA by Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli has designated for Exnovoune a range of lamps whose structure is printed using a 3D printer. The result is really nice and it gives a good idea of what we are going to find soon as new products that will be printed in 3D. AFILLIA lamps were introduced at the show House and […]

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Toiletry Kit Jack Spade

A make-up bag in a hyper resistant and waterproof material, you were dreaming? Then look at this kit in Tarpaulin proposed by Jack Spade in a flashy orange.

Toiletry Kit
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The stewards by paper tiger

Paper tiger is a nice website that sells products based on origami with beautiful papers creations. The stewards is a set of small boxes of graphics to fit yourself. A product suitable for your desktop! The stewards are sold €27.

Stewards anim
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A combi VW equipped for snow

A good idea to go skiing this winter a good old combi VW equipped with caterpillars. Unstoppable to go to the mountain restaurant. Source

Combi vw
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Faucet by Dornbracht MEM

This line of MEM fittings for bathroom is very pure, and even minimalist if we throw a glance corks to faucets with hyper thin profiles. This line was designed by Sieger Design for Dornbracht brand.

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Dots and full stops by Alex Dipple

Directed by Alex Dipple, Dots and full stops, is a composed work’s full-point cut and pasted on a sheet of 40 x 40cm. This achievement is also sold to date. Here is the presentation by the designers: Hundreds of dots, full stops and bullet points cut out of newspapers, compiled into a single image and […]

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Project of bus for London by Héctor Serrano

For this weekend we find once again Hector Serrano with a project of double deckers to London simply superb, he also won the second prize in the competition with this beautiful project of London bus.

Bus London
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