Tolix chairs

Tolix chairs have been designated by Xavier Pauchard in the midst “roaring twenties”. The particularity of these chairs is that they are made of sheet steel with several finishes (painted, galvanized painted or with thermosetting paint). The available colours are red, black, white or natural. The result is very vintage this will give your kitchen […]

Chair tolix steel plate
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New IKEA 2010 catalogue

The new IKEA 2010 catalogue comes out, maybe you received in your mailbox like me. You’re going to see it is that the latter is smaller than that of 2009, made with recycled paper and especially if you still have the last year you can bring it back to the store that will collect them […]

IKEA 2010
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VI + AL, monitoring medical trend by Dan Bishop

VITAL is a system to monitor activity tension, heart rate… A beautiful project for medical equipment. Check it out on the portfolio of Dan Bishop.

Vital dan bishop
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Honeypot by Gibbs Honey

For more than 4 generations, Gibbs Honey offers the honey produced in Ontario. The family company has to rethink its logo and design with its pots of honey and the result is perfect. The logo takes the form of a cell of a beehive and the jar is hyper simple with a wide plug which […]

Honey pot
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New York City Story

Trade mark is the designer of this “New York City Story”, a package of matches very looke! These matches are on sale $ 25 in moss. Caution it is still recommended to not use them, it made $ 12.5 match otherwise…

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Scalo, folding shelf by Beoc

Designated by Beoc for Cerruti Baleri Scalo shelf (I think that it is a shelf) incorporates a mechanism to close into a compact rectangular block that we can easily move. Via Blueantstudio

Scalo shelf
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Suspension by Marie Thurnauer Hangman’s knot

Marie Thurnauer has designated this light suspension for small Productions. This neon has as you see a shape representing a string of Hangman with a knot at the end. Buy (€4750) If you have an offbeat humor and a morale of steel. Via the blog of Hortense

Suspension node
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Carafe in water “water changes everything” by bib and sola

Here is a nice simple product with a strong message “water changes everything”. This product is sold as part of Charity Water operation which aims to sensitize people to the wise use of water. Each Decanter is sold $ 125 for the good cause, 10% of sales will be donated to the cause…

Carafe water
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TED Building, future site of urban mixity in Taipei

Envisioned by BIG Architects, the concept of this white building of cubic shape of 57 x 57 x 57 m was what let us dreamers. In project in Taiwan, this public building project aims to become a place of “urban mixity” accommodating both leisure, offices, shops, exhibition centre, that restaurants… Without defining a predominant activity, […]

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