Bench vis à vis by Charles O. Job for ABES

ABES is a company of design for public spaces. Charles O. Job has designated the opposite bench that is a relevant concept for public spaces as long as there are things to watch on both sides because this bench is divided into two, allowing of to sit without being next to a stranger! But can […]

Public bench screws a screws 2
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Bag Ride Protection Airbag by Mammut

If you made a little mountain you’ve probably already seen the brand products Switzerland Mammut recognizable its logo with a mammoth. This brand offers highly technical products as of clothing but also said commodity security to help you if ever you find yourself in an avalanche. The Ride Protection Airbag bag is in this range […]

Mammut avalanche
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Ski Green by Johannes Pressmar

Here is a very friendly because around skiing and ecology project. Under Volvo Design Award, Johannes Pressmar introduced a draft of skiing in its respect for nature design. This ski is made from air dried sawdust, of course production excluded solvents and other lacquers that have negative potential on the environment. In addition this pair […]

Grown skis
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Holder paper toilet by Frost Produkt

Paper Boy is a deco super toilet with a color paper door although flashy with the possibility of storing 4 rolls of toilet paper.

Door toilet paper
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Primary Quattro by Quinze & Milan

Arne 15 has designated this lovely sofa “primary quattro” made in QM FOAM ™ which allows not having to worry about use by children… Other sofas and armchairs to discover the site of Quinze & Milan.

Primary quattro
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Snowboard by Adidas boots

Being produced only one proposed limited edition (50 copies) by Adidas. The design of this pair of snowboard boots is based on the ‘Forum’ of the brand model. One side really vintage that should delight fans of snow and adidas… Finally the 50 who will have this pair of boots!

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Lamp rechargeable Sun Jar

Sun Jar is a rechargeable lamp naturally through the light of the Sun. Two colours are available in blue for the light of Moon and yellow for the Sun. Of course this lamp can stay in your garden to enlighten the night. For sale £20.

Rechargeable lamp
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Organic Human Water by Jan Inge Björklund

Here is a nice packaging directed by Jan Inge Björklund for Organic Human. We therefore appreciate colors with a majority of white and a colored line that is associated with the scent of the drink. Via The Dietline

Organic water
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Washbasin Volkeo50 by Vaskeo

If you are looking for original sinks you will not be disappointed with the range of Vaskeo offering washbasins with round or rectangular shapes with effects on volumes and surfaces of flow. My favorite is undoubtedly the Volkeo50 in orange version!

Sink volkeo
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