Coco by Bloombaby

Even children have the right to design objects for the delight of their parents… Coco is a Chair in wood and leather baby. The swing function is performed through the curved structure. More information on the bloombaby site.

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Foldable vase by thanks

Here is an original vessel proposed by thanks. It is foldable and washable. Once filled with water, the latter is operational. A vase practice because it doesn’t take place when we don’t use it!

Foldable vase
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Lamps Knitted by Ariel Zucherman and Oded Sapir

The range of lamps Knitted designated by the duo Ariel Zucherman and Oded Sapir is interesting because the light source is integrated into a structure of mesh a bit in the style of net fishing or maritime light buoy. This range is composed of lamps to ask, to suspend or lay on the ground. The […]

Knitted lamp
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Franklin Azzi Architecture

Here is an agency of French archi making well friendly projects in a style that I have a lot. One of their latest achievement is the rehabilitation of the Simon family’s hairdresser. The Red facade is terrible and gives a very marked style: other achievements are also interesting as this Bali Barret boutique in Tokyo: […]

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Leaf Lounge Chair by Arper

Leaf Chair Lounge is a chaise longue with a solid structure made of steel rods. The interest of this Chair is that it can stay outdoors on your patio for example… Price: € 1339 here.

Leaf lounge chair
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Cityscapes by Ákos Major

Here are a few photographs of urban landscapes by Ákos Major which are worth a visit. The entire series is to discover on the site of the photographer.

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Lamps AFILLIA by Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli has designated for Exnovoune a range of lamps whose structure is printed using a 3D printer. The result is really nice and it gives a good idea of what we are going to find soon as new products that will be printed in 3D. AFILLIA lamps were introduced at the show House and […]

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Toiletry Kit Jack Spade

A make-up bag in a hyper resistant and waterproof material, you were dreaming? Then look at this kit in Tarpaulin proposed by Jack Spade in a flashy orange.

Toiletry Kit
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The stewards by paper tiger

Paper tiger is a nice website that sells products based on origami with beautiful papers creations. The stewards is a set of small boxes of graphics to fit yourself. A product suitable for your desktop! The stewards are sold €27.

Stewards anim
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