An Audi Q3 paré for camping

Audi surprises on this one by proposing an original accessory for its SUV the Q3. Actually, this time around it is a tent that can hang on to the trunk of the Q3 to first secure the but also to be able to quickly access the contents of the safe, it is rather clever as […]

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just5 cp11 basic phone

Just5 cp11 is a very sketchy appearance phone and basic, it is true that the market trend is quite another with smartphones that landed. just5 cp11 has rather large keys and allows to call, a return to the fundamentals so… The surprise is that it incorporates a larger screen but must unfold, also note that […]

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Design according to Apple

Apple has as everyone knows has lived its renaissance with the release of the iMac in 1998. Here is therefore a retrospective of various Apple products since this date: click on the image to see it in high resolution.

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Do It Yourself, wall calendar

Here is a guide to a wall calendar or even with a few pieces of scotch and some paint to Blackboard (to be able to write stuff for example). The interest of this calendar is that it is of course perpetual so no fear to have for the next month! The indications are here.

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Armchair CR45 by Josef Lang

CR45 is a beautiful Chair very air designed by Josef Lang for the Many Hands Design brand. The use of a seat on a wireless basis gives one side very old school in this Chair. A very beautiful realization.

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Bike Gazelle Cabby

Gazelle is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer that offers many years of quality bicycles. The company also continues to innovate, is shown by model Cabby that incorporates space front bike for two children wander the carrycot. It folds and dismounted if you ever have to deliver bulky objects. This bike is sold on average €1700, expensive […]

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Lamp Firefly by Monica Correia

Here is an interesting work of Monica Correia who worked on 3D structures that were then cut into 2D to recreate the volumes of these lamps all with a light structure.

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