Washbasin and bathtub Ottocento Line by Agape

Ottocento Line by Agape is a range of washbasins and bathtubs of the Italian brand. As it is a success, the line mixed tradition and modernity. Via remodista

Design lavatory
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Family by Kaman Tung

Family is a set of furniture to destination of the cafes where uses are that it happens more often with his coat, documents or even a computer bag. Kaman Tung proposes Family which includes chairs with holders integrated coats, and chairs with storage built into the rear doors documents on the sides. The principle is […]

Chairs family
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Office “floating” Rift Oak by Dario Antonioni

Here is a very nice office proposed by Orange22 and designed by Dario Antonioni. This office is interesting because it is attached to the wall and does not feet. This makes the office air, saving with his tray shrink and very minimalist. This office costs $ 700.

Office without feet
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Amazing sculptures by Ben Foster

Ben Foster has a series of interesting sculptures as they are beautiful, minimalist and fit perfectly into an exterior. Personally I appreciate the wilfully geometrical side of these carvings of animals and polar white color that contrasts well with the environment.

Animal sculpture
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Sofa Cliffy by Rainer Mutsch

Rainer Mutsch a designated in 2012 a sofa for public spaces. The principle of Cliffy is having a long structure corrugated foam, this sofa is edited by Sixinch. The Visual result is perfect!

Sofa space public
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Lamp Trilly by Martinelli Luce

Trilly is an outdoor lamp simple designated by Martinelli Luce. This lamp is in IP54 so it can get a little rain. The height is 50 cm which makes a light rather large! As in the Mayday of Flos it hangs by wire.

Trully lamp
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Table Asymmetry by Ross Gardam

Asymmetry is a high range of tables with an original metal frame that gives this table a beautiful visual appearance. In the range you will find wooden or stone trays as well as a base in different colours: white or blue. Asymmetry is designed by Ross Gardam.

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Doorplates Loop by Hay

Loop is a simple coat rack with three metal legs with finesse. Loop can be used in an area receiving public or in an office for example. The latter is available in black or white, and in two widths.

Door coats
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Tent VW

Here is a product to stand out this summer at the campsite. Indeed, with this combi 1970s VW-shaped tent is certain that one stands out conventional tents at decathlon!

Try vw 2
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