Gun for garden

Spring is fast approaching and the beautiful days also. Here is a small gun that will be allow you to have fun a little this summer on your patio or in your garden. Is this concept to Design Reaktor Berlin who made this gun, unfortunately you will not compel the water hose… When a portable […]

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SoleBag a bag with a sole of shoe

SoleBag is a somewhat unusual bag since its base is made up of a sole of shoe, at least with this feature your bag will be good adhesion once landed on the ground.

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Dobrostol an office in concrete by Ekatarina Vagurina

Dobrostol is a small school desk which tray is concrete, colored steel base, as a drawer office includes a box wood which is removable. A beautiful furnished and especially very original. Dobrostol is designated by Ekatarina Vagurina.

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Goal photo for iphone

The iphone has become a real camera (look at the stats in flickr), but often the device is limited to share its lens. Then photojojo took the idea to adapt real goals photos via a device specific to the iphone and the result is rather stunning… After I see it Tote with the objective in […]

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Luau portable lamp…

This is some have a garden can help but this lamp, the Luau, is just terrible because in addition to being very design and portable it recharges automatically on its home base. The Luau is so light that the ipod is music. This lamp is edited by Vessel and unfortunately distributed only on American soil.

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Wee Planets collection

Here is a collection of 360 ° panoramas but in the form of planet. The result is simply stunning, decide by you even: the rest of the series (189 photos) is on this flickr page. Via Cpluv

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Metrodeck a card green by Norman Ibarra game

Norman Ibarra is an artist who sells his products on the Etsy site, specializing in craft products (handcraft), Norman created using papers recycled as used New York City subway maps. The result is a deck of cards original and necessarily green! 54 cards are sold $ 550 on Etsy, each card is a station of […]

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