Peg lamp by Will mcdonald

Peg lamp is a lamp office designated by Will mcdonald, the originality of this lamp is that we can lower the light source very simply to have a more direct light on the workspace as you can see on the pictures below.

Lamp peg
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Table picNYC by haiko cornelissen architecten

picNYC is an original table because it is composed of a grass tray, an original way to have lunch at home. With this table you’ll feel like a picnic at every meal! picNYC is designated by haiko cornelissen architecten. Via designboom

Picnic table 2
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Lampshade GRITO

Who did not dream one day to have a Lampshade which binds all alone and without the need to unscrew all… Here’s Grito, which is a Lampshade aluminium that comes to slip on the wire supporting the bulb, very clever. It is sold around € 100 and is available in green, red and aluminium-coloured.

Grito Lampshade 2
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Door coat Welcome and Beautiful Day

Find a coat holder for the entry is often a puzzle, here are two that will give a good pressing and in a good mood with the word Welcome or Beautiful Day written in large letters above the coat hooks. Functional and decorative and more! On sale $ 24 here and there.

Door coat beautiful day 3
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Urban Billy a system for making tea by Elliat Rich

Urban Billy is a system for making good tea for all lovers of this drink. This product designed by Elliat Rich is a classic in Australia, the designer brings a stylish design that makes you want to have the item to put it on his breakfast table. Urban Billy is handmade.

Urban billy the
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Saddle Brooks B66, the must of the bike saddle

Long I Ogle the Brooks bicycle saddles since the vintage look and the use of the leather are superb comfortable objects and which cross ages very easily. Recently so I installed the B66 model on my bike dedicated to city use only. After a few ballads I can only welcome this purchase (or rather investment) […]

Saddle brooks b66
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Bench Front Pool by Rodrigo Vairinhos

A small simple but colorful bench with its Green base Apple. A Rodrigo Vairinhos project for which we unfortunately do not have much detail (material, size, etc) that aesthetically is very nice. [edit] So add the price: for sale €1300 on my-deco-shop

Bank pool
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Stamped English design

We love this collection of stamps of the English position representing the british design icons. When a similar edition in France? Via Swissmiss

Mini stamps
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Spot a beautiful home for birds by Quentin de Coster

Spot is a birdhouse, home for birds, simple and minimalist designed by Quentin de Coster. The latter consists of a foot that allows planting in the ground and a higher element to ensure the function ‘House’ for the birds. The approach of winter spot is a very good idea.

Birdhouse 3
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