Drip elephant with evacuation

The idea is not silly, here’s a drip tray to put next to a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink that incorporates an ingenious system of drainage water, thus more stagnant water problem…

Drainer kitchen
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New logo Sonos by Bruce Mau Design

Bruce Mau Design has made the new Sonos logo and the result is very surprising, because the bottom of the logo chosen appear effect moirĂ© when one goes down on the page (scroll in English). Made the test and you will see as waves propagating on the background of the image… Successful in any case!

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Thermostatic faucet design by Edoardo Gherardi

Finally a thermostatic valve that is not ugly. Edoardo Gherardi has designated a beautiful object for CEA Design, the principle is to drag the rectangle to the right or left to increase or decrease the temperature. A property object to a design bathroom…

Thermostatic faucet design
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Sofa PIL – LOW by Prostoria Ltd.

PIL – Low is a scalable sofa that will turn into an extra at a glance bed. Once a sofa bed is very aesthetic should emphasise this!

Sofa design
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Armchair Chroma Frame by Lucy Birley

Chroma Frame is a nice Chair proposed by Lucy Birley. This Chair is made of a metal structure (it looks like copper) and beautiful fabrics which gives the charm to the object.

Armchair chroma frame
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Tofu an accessory to store your desktop by Pana Objects

Tofu is a set of 6 small squares of wood which will allow you to store your paper clips, pencils, business cards or even scotch on your desktop. Each of the squares themselves according to your desires and the blocks of LEGO dixit designer.

Storage office 4
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Sofa Hippopodamus by Max Riera

Max Riera has designed a collection of sofas and armchair with animal Visual effects of the most beautiful effect. Caution you must when even a little space and above all love have representations of animals at home… If you like the rhino, octopuses, walrus… you will be served.

Sofa hippopotamus
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Impressive staircase by Five AM

This metal staircase is visually very impressive because it gives a strong impression of finesse but fragility. A very beautiful realization of the Five AM studio when a house in Belgium. Source Deezen

Metal stairs
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Office Katedra by Desnahemisfera

Katedra is an original office that mixes the traditional with wooden legs and a fine white color tray. This office also incorporates a phone charger with an LED indicator on the level of loading.

Office katedra
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