Visit the FIAC 2015

Yesterday opened the FIAC in Paris, major event in the field of art in France and in Europe. It was the first time that I was going to the FIAC and frankly I was not disappointed, selections from the galleries are perfect with a mix of artists and others less well-known, but who earn to […]

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Xavier Veilhan

Continue the discovery of artists here today some achievements of Xavier lyonnais artist Veilhan. What I appreciate in his work are his sculptures with facets. For information Xavier Veilhan had taken subsequently by Jeff Koons at Versailles a few years ago (in 2009) with a beautiful purple carriage arranged on the central square of the […]

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Frank and Mrs. Frank by Anthony Hartley

Somewhat in the spirit of Frank O. Gerhy cardboard Chair, Anthony Hartley offers a seat in wood as well as a stool, we appreciate the touch of black paint on the slice that gives one side class to all.

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Flesh Domus by Andrea Mangano

Domus chair is a chair with an integrated space to store books and magazines. The idea is not silly and might make a good extra Chair in the lounge. Domus chair was designed in 2012 by Andrea Mangano.

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Bike Ondina pa Selle Royal saddle

Royal saddle is a manufacturer of well-known bike saddles cyclists. This brand has released a new model very nice vintage look what changes a little basic black saddle and without charm. This saddle Ondina contains the codes of the traditional stool while incorporating the latest innovations in terms of freezing of the seat for maximum […]

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Pepsi Perfect

For the arrival of Marty McFly in our October 21 time to be more precise, the Pepsi brand, which had been a superb investment product in the film “Back to the future”, will come out in limited edition 6500 copies famous packaging bottle of pepsi used in the movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=11BwLs3pHF4 to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrwRdzFP-fY

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Shelves folding by Hervé Langlais

Folding is a range of oak Hervé Langlais designated shelves which comes in many colors for the face of the bottom which allows to bring a bit of colour on the wood. We appreciate particularly the minimalist and natural product side.

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