Indoor and outdoor slippers Mahabis

Mahabis is a company that offers a concept of liner that works both in indoor and outdoor through its sole that is sock and removed quickly. This pair of slipper is very successful and customizable with different coloured soles.

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Nordic Grip Mini to walk on ice without derapper

Winter is nice but sometimes sidewalks become real ice rink and it is really dangerous to walk the streets. Nordic Grip Mini is a small accessory that comes above your shoe and you will have the grip needed to walk with a little more stability on the ice. This stability is provided by the two […]

Nordic grip
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Slippers and ballerinas trends by UIS

UIS is a new brand of mules (slippers) and ballerinas launched by Izzik, so far nothing to innovative on the market. What is interesting is that these have been customised by designers and graphic designers transforming a classic product of fashion product. The production is also very French with a partnership with the Marquet company […]

Ballerina GUIs 2
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Black Mirror by Castor Design

Black Mirror is a mirror that is not the reflection of a classic mirror with its black coating. The back of the mirror makes Meanwhile look as if it was floating in front of the wall, guaranteed visual effect! Black Mirror is designated by Beaver Design.

Black mirror
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Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa by Matthew Strong

Matthew Strong produced a version in carbon of the Eames sofa. The result is superb with a very air structure resulting from the use of carbon.

Carbon fiber eames sofa
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Target magnetic to hang its key

Here is a nice product that will allow you to easily hang your keys in your entry through a very simple system key-metal and a magnetic target! Besides being practical subject is graphics.

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Chair Red Riding Hood by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Red Riding Hood is a prototype of a chair designed by Hanna Emelie Ernsting. This Chair has the peculiarity of having a cape of integrated in its structure, so in the winter you can wrap you in it and warm you up…

Red riding hood
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Peg Board Organizer by Sebastian Conran

Peg Board Organizer is a wall chart which is predrilled small holes which will allow you to hang shelves or hooks to hang towels or towels. A clever and practical product!

Shelf modular 3
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The Sartorialist, the book

If you do not know the blog by Scott Schuman entitled: The Sartorialist, there is still time to go do a ride, for those who know and love this blog by trend Hunter (rather duds) you will certainly appreciate the book which has just been published, book containing many clich├ęs of the blog. Sale on […]

The sartorialist
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