Carafe filter Soma Water by Joe Tan and Markus Diebe

Here at least a filter jug that does not have a brita jug design… The product was well thought design to use no forgetting filtration which is organic, which is a very good point. More information here.

Soma water
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IKEA also offers adaptable offices in height to work standing

BEKANT is the name of this office which can be adjusted in height, allowing to work standing. It must be said that the principle of work standing and not sitting is currently fashionable. 63

Office bekant
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Find interviews with the designers of the salon Maison et object in Paris

The Parisian exhibition Maison & Objet ends tonight, it is a very good way to discover the next trends and the objects that will be the cover of your favorite decoration magazines. For those who like me could not get there here are some video interviews with interesting strong designers with such dreamlike, Zaha HADID, […]

Maison & objet 2008
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Lamp TULL by Tommaso Caldera

TULL is a beautiful suspension designed by Tommaso Caldera. The originality of this suspension comes from the sort of cage that surrounds the lamp, creating a pleasant visual effect.

Lamp tull
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EAMES DKR custom matte black Marfa Base of Eiffel Red

Here is a beautiful boutique on Etsy that offers chairs Eames Vitra customizations. The idea of having beautiful chairs unique and personalized. Here is an interesting model with a bright red base that contrasts with black typically found at Vitra for the DKR.

DKr red
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Up & Down by Fermob

The Chair Up & Down of Fermob is a concept Chair that allows to offer two distinct positions in terms of seat. A high for use with one table, the other more inclined which allows use around a low table. This Chair makes me think the concept of the Ulo of Embryo Chair. For sale […]

Up & down fermob
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Cabinet Totem by Vincent Van Duysen

Here is an interesting wardrobe designed by Vincent Van Duysen. The principle is to provide open or closed square boxes that will overlap. Each subwoofer can turn on him even.

Shelf totem 3
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Design bunk bed F & R bed by Agate and Arek Seredyn

F & R bed is a bunk bed that we like when we love minimalism and design. Usually a bunk bed is irrelevant and there should admit Agate and Arek Seredyn have done a remarkable job for Rafa Kids brand. Top coating is for children over 6 years and one downstairs for those with more […]

Rafa kids f & r02
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Don’t show especially not this product to your children because they’re going to resent a

Actually SlideRider is a concept of slide for staircase which is brilliant and should appeal to any child. The principle is simple you have a kit to transform your staircase slide with a minimum of security and especially an effective principle for storage once the complete recreation!

Staircase slide 6
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