Electric wheel bike by superpedestrian

The bike electric it is great except that the bikes are never aesthetic and çà it is a shame. Superpedestrian has focused on the issue and proposes a (copenhagen wheel) wheel coming to replace your rear wheel to transform your beautiful bike electric bicycle. Everything is controllable by a smartphone application and the wheel recharges […]

Copenhagen wheel
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Ephemeral design on Google

Have you recognized the object that hiding behind this Home Page of Google? Last June, this lamp has dressed the famous search engine home page agenda for the international launch of its custom pages. Edited by Habitat and Artechnica a few years ago, the Garland Light took this opportunity to return to the front of […]

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Big Rush flesh by Hanna Maring

Presented during the week of the Dutch design in October Chair Big Rush designated by Hanna Maring, graduate of the Academy of Design Oirschot. This Chair is a technical update of the traditional “rush weaving. Usually this method is used for the seat but on this project of end of study, the technique has been […]

Woven Chair
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Armchair Modern Muskoka by Hard Goods

Inspired by the 1903 Adirondack Chair, the Modern Muskoka Chair is decidedly more modern than its ancestor. On this model everything has been modernized: the seat and the frame for a very successful result. The seat is composite and metal feet system processed to be able to withstand outdoor use.

Modern muskoka
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Design Bookshelf by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

Here is a beautiful concept of shelf proposed and designed by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad. The principle is to have a structure that is attached to the wall and then to have elements with original shapes that come to clip on the structure according to the desire of the person. 78

Design Bookshelf
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Colorful reusable sealing system

Here’s a closing and clamping system which for once is reusable, what is good practice versus those that must be cut to loosen.

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Urban landscape by Snowden Flood

Urban landscape is a line of dishes proposed by Snowden Flood very nice and original with depictions of urban landscapes in trendy colours.

Urban landscape
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Shadow flesh by Duffy London

Shadow Chair is a Chair incorporating a visual effect for the least surprising, the principle is to make believe that the Chair does on both front feet, which is of course not the case. The effect of shade on the ground is a part of the Chair which allows it to be functional. For sale […]

Flesh shadow
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Clock Ipno by Alessandro Zambelli

Presented at the last edition of Maison et Objets, here the Ipno designated by Alessandro Zambelli clock. With a name like this one can well imagine that the pendulum of the clock has been redesigned and can be laid on a table version also swing the dial! A beautiful wooden object you can also hang […]

Clock ipno
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