Longboard by Diana Xavier

The longboard design is an art and Diana Xavier is doing not badly at all with a nice range of longboard with the use of typography only. A beautiful result that makes you want to test everything.

Skate wood 2
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Design extinguishers by DNCTAG

Here is a product that will certainly not leave you indifferent. This fire extinguisher is a version for individuals who wish to have an effective way to combat a fire start without having to buy a good old red extinguisher as the legislation required in public areas. Edited by DNCTAG, here’s a nice range of […]

Fire extinguisher 5
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Range Simplissimo by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset

It presents more this time above the architect Jean Nouvel has collaborated with Ligne Roset on a very nice range of armchair, table and Chair entitled Simplissimo. This is the image of Jean Nouvel: sober and elegant.

Range simplissimo
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Fiat 500 Blackjack and Lancia Delta hard matte

For the launch of cars fiat 500 Blackjack and Lancia Delta in black Mat products has been made in a beautiful matte black, here are some achievements: and cars that are superb in this beautiful dress black mat: more information on Forzamat.

500 detail 1
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Wide open by Grolsch bottle

Why not give a second life to our expensive bottles of beer? This concept of packaging for the Grolsch brand is interesting because with its opening XXL you can reuse the bottle as a container. It is seen so much that the design of the bottle is rather successful.

Grolsch bottle
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Chair Mary by Antoinette Bader

Marie is a modular armchair wish to match how you want to be seated. The principle is clever and original, the wheelchair that can be transformed easily thanks to the geometric structure. A product designated by Antoinette Bader.

Chair marie
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Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

VIC is a coffee table that is mounted and dismounted easily. Wooden feet are from a cut of the central plateau, the Assembly is done without any tools. It’s original and the result works very well. Coffee table Vic was designated by Elemento Diseño. Via Dezeen

Coffee table design 3
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Tuning of bath by Andrey Bondarenko

Andrey Bondarenko has designated a range of pleasant baths with pleasant forms a little ovoid and original graphics which change compared to codes used in bathrooms. These models are still in the concept stage and are not yet published.

Tuning bathtub 6
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Put a little design in your aquarium

For the greater happiness of your favorite goldfish here’s 1984 fishbowl designed by Danny Cheung. The problem is that this aquarium cost still $ 390.

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