Furniture Club Sandowich by Cyril Mills

Club Sandowich is an open stand designed by Cyril de Moulins. This piece of furniture to the peculiarity of having a pleasant visual effect original with its color tensioners still coming a little close a part of the Cabinet. This furniture is minimalist, air then it likes! It is on sale on at the […]

Club sandwich Cabinet
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Clip for Iphone

If you have an iphone you’ll certainly love this little accessory quite stupid but very practical. Actually this clip just aim on iphone for him brings a clamp function to tickets, cards visit or map for example tickets. The idea is really not con and this distorts not your beautiful phone! Via Likecool

Clip iphone
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Airwave by Oakley goggles

Oakley has announced the availability of its new high-tech Airwave 1.5 goggles. This mask features a small screen that allows skiers and snowboarders to have information about its speed, its course, listen to music or on the location of his friends on the ski area. A nice product that will appeal to skiers a little […]

Oakley airwave
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Modern and colorful radiators by Jaga

Here is a range of radiators, perfect for a child’s room, the colors are fashies and cheerful, and the product is eco-friendly with a low water consumption. These radiators are manufactured by Jaga. Via trendir.

Child radiator
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Of art, $ 20

The 20× site offers an interesting concept as two times a week from sales of paintings or photos are made with a price depending on 3 sizes (small, medium and large) for prices of $ 20, $ 200 and $ 2000. Of course the quantities are inversely proportional to the price of sale (200, 20 […]

20 x 200 design table
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Vyne, a medium hand free for iphone by Clint Spencer and Ryan Eder

This is a very nice idea of accessory for your iphone if you watch movies or if you made the FaceTime. The principle is based on a clip that just cling to the iphone and a flexible support that will allow you to place it on a table or to hang you it around your […]

Hand free iphone
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Basket for storing your clothespins

Here is a small friendly product and which has real utility. Cabina clings to your clothesline and allows you to store your clothespins directly close to the wire. We love the callback to the pods that can find in the mountains!

Door clamp clothes
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Nikon AW1, a camera waterproof

It’s been a long time that I had not been impressed by innovation in the field of cameras (in the middle of the range as the NEX5). Nikon just introduced a waterproof camera with interchangeable lenses, or you read the device does not have a waterproof case for operation under water and here is a […]

Nikon aw1
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Lamp Light String by Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades presented a beautiful creation between the suspension and an installation. Light string will be edited by the Flos mark and as you can see on the image below shows an original installation that uses the walls of the room to get the power cable. A light source that will not go in all […]

Flos suspension
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