A futuristic office

Here is a desktop that comes from the studio Slava Saakyan from Russia. Okay I admit not read Russian but the design of this office has addressed me with its very futuristic lines and its very minimalist white color:

Futuristic office design
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Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

Rubber Table designed by Thomas Schnur is a table which uses the principle of the suction cup. The use of this system ensures very stable at all.

Rubber table
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Bommel bearskin a pompon carpet in the shape of bears by MYK

Bommel bearskin is an original form of bear skin rugs. The latter consists of PomPoms and shape gives it a nice touch kitsch but finally funny, well obviously to put a fireplace!

Bear rugs
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APA a nice cabin at birds by Luís Porém

APA, Abrigo Para Aves, is a designated by Luís Porém birdhouse that has benefits to be put on the ground, on a stake or suspended in a tree, and be very design! The explanation of the designer: I started developing this project, after received the unexpected visit of a small sparrow outside my window. At […]

APA cabin birds 3
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Wally One superb design Yacht

Wally is a manufacturer very nice sailing but yachts for wealthy. The One Wally is the new of the Wally family with futuristic and design forms. This boat file at a maximum speed of 40 to 50 knots which is a fine performance while ensuring a minimum consumption.

Yacht design walli one 3
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Unfold Lamp by Muuto

Muuto offers a new lamp that visually looks like many lamp but Unfold Lamp has the peculiarity of having a soft structure, what makes its charm and originality. Via designmilk

Unfold lamp 2
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812SH by Sharp

Choose a phone based on its color, why not! In any case Softbank offers a variation of the Sharp 812 HS in 20 Pantone colors. Very nice all this… Discover SOFTBANK.

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Door magazines Guidelines by Frederik Roijé

Did you know the door magazine that you hang on the wall? No, then here are Guidelines by Frederik Roijé that combines very beautiful lines and a beautiful setting in front of magazines, after it is certain to bring the Closer or at here is this is not necessarily the ideal tool! Via designboom

Gate reviews
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Bloom wears the mantle of Jeff Miller

Presented in milan some time ago door coat of Jeff Miller is just simple but terribly successful from my point of view. Its articulated structure allows to switch the stem where hangs the garment, aesthetic as a flower that opens… Bloom is edited by Cerruti Baleri.

Bloom wears coat
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