Lamp Fragments & Mist by Marc th. van der Voorn

Fragments & Mist is a range of lamps to suspend proposed by Marc th. van der Voorn. These lamps are very successful with this gradient color on the day offal lege. The particularity of these lamps is that when the light is on the gradient of color appears.

Lamp color 4
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Furniture Stuhl und Tisch Basilea

Stuhl und Tisch Basilea is a practical piece of furniture that can be used as a seat, but also as a small side table. For sale € 329 here.

Stuhl und tisch basilea
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Clock by BVD to Askul

Askul is a Japanese merchant who sells a whole bunch of things for the office such as computers, supplies and Office Accessories… Strong collaboration with designers of BVD they offer a wall clock which the graphic is very friendly as the red color is beautiful.

Lamp bvd askul
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Office Homework by Tomas Kral

Homework is an original part office design. Indeed, Tomas Kral chose to use aluminum foil that is integrated into the tray and to exceed to create space around the countertop to store books, pencils or anything you want. The office is simple and convenient to both so we love necessarily!

Homework room 2
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Press citrus SOMBRERO by Mauricio Affonso

Mauricio Affonso offers Sombrero one very clever press citrus coming to fit onto a plastic bottle. So you squeeze your lemon or orange and you are going to directly fill the bottle. An accessory that seems practical and very useful.

Citrus press
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Labels for luggage by Pamela Barsky

Everyone should now have labels to identify his luggage. In addition to those with your coordinates here are 6 funny labels for our friends the Customs: on sale $ 12 here.

label for luggage
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Sphyke lock nut, antitheft padlock for bicycle wheels by

Sphyke lock nut is a lock system to prevent theft of your front wheel of your bicycle. The idea is not silly and is borrowed from the mode of the car where the beautiful rims are also protected with an anti-theft system.

Lock wheel bike
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Sur-packaging McDonalds by Delatour Design Paris

You who often eat at McDonalds you’ll love this McDonalds on-packaging concept proposed by Delatour Design Paris. With these on-packaging in silicon the McDonalds experience is original and above all much more qualitative.

McDonalds 4
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Coil Lamp by Craighton Berman

Coil Lamp is a lamp mount is even designated by Craighton Berman. The principle is surprising because the structure of the lamp consists partly of wire of the lamp. Coil Lamp is sold $ 150 mounted or $ 75 to be same.

Coil lamp
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