Chair G2 by Pierre Guariche

The G2 Chair is a classic design with its metal base and its seat in felt. This Chair was designed in 1955 by Pierre Guariche for Airbone brand.

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A concrete staircase

Here is a crude stairway while concrete with an ingenious system to hold markets. It is minimalist wish and this is why we love it.

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A bird door stopper

A door slamming it is always painful, the most effective way is to close, but if you wish to make a stream of air need to shim the door so she slams not. Here’s a pretty little bird sold by Rockett St George to deposit at the bottom of the door to lock, it’s efficient […]

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Nissan Rogue Warrior on the slopes

Here’s a car that you could cross on the slopes since this vehicle is equipped to ride on snow and reassemble the snowy thanks of tankettes instead slopes from traditional wheels. A sacred concept car proposed by Nissan. Watch the video to see the car in situation!

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Finally a LED bulb that is not ugly…

Once a LED bulb is not ugly should talk about on this blog! In fact, Samsung offers a pretty light bulb to the retro look as we can love him here. So we have a nice look with the performance of LEDs, what more can be a small price but I do not think that […]

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Finally an electric toothbrush that has a bit of hangover

Bruzzoni Global thought his brush electric toothbrush to make it beautiful and elegant as well in black and white. This toothbrush also offers an induction charger with a USB mode which is convenient when you are traveling and you have not the proper adapter! Caution This model is a bit expensive since it is marketed […]

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Bike Blinder Road by Knog lights

It is winter and night falls early currently a reason to review your bicycle lighting… I just tested with success the lighting before Blinder Road of the Knog trademark in addition to my Reelight lights. This fire before (there is also for the back but I have not tested it) is hyper-powerful, with the Blinder […]

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