Roofs and facades vegetated and spectacular Greens

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Cities are a major source of pollution, we are witnesses of change such as the urban heat island phenomenon. The roof and the creation of vegetated exterior walls can compensate in part for the problem. This solution is aesthetic and ecological, in several European countries green roofs are established and devine a standard for several years. Here are some example worldwide: great wall vegetated in the world in Pennsylvania this establishment is located in the new botanical Conservatory of the Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania to the United States. The surface is of 378 square metres and exposed 40 000 plants over 25 different species. There are several people who worked on the project, including a specialized designer in the ornament of the urban buildings having worked more than 2 520 hours of work.
Plant column in Prague the project was created in a shopping centre Nový Smíchov in Czech Republic. There are three major plant columns of 15 metres in height and 1 metre in diameter. The project required more than 1,700 plants per column, in total there are more than 5,000 plants distributed on three columns in the shopping centre.
The roof of islands of the Faroe Islands the Porkeri Church which was built in 1847 with a vegetated roof. This building is on the Ferore Islands, these islands belong to the Denmark located in the Atlantic ocean between Scotland and the Iceland. Note This example is not a new phenomenon. Populations of the time knew well the principle and selected materials appropriate for their type of housing.
The roofs of the Namba in the Japan Park, there is a specular creation of green roofs on eight levels in the Namba Park. It is a tower composed of 30 floors as well as commercial offices of a shopping centre. We can compare his rise to large canyons which draw a path around the shopping centre. The landscape is beautiful had to these many trees, shrubs, groves, etc.
A school with a roof vegetated in New Zealand primary school in Queenstown in New Zealand distinguished internationally through its initiative for the construction of a green roof. Indeed, it is the first school in the country. The green roof is integrated into the building of origin of the establishment.
Overall the concept is interesting, and it is possible to include it in the Interior or exterior of your home design. A green solution with several beneficial advantages for your environment and for the planet.

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