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Questions to… Cédric Martineaud

Cédric Martineaud addresses the universe of creation through contemporary dance for 12 years before joining the maison Stéphane Plassier as artistic director. As such, it expresses its sensitivity as well in fashion, the scenography in the graphic. Exhibition “Marriage” at the Musée Galliera is one of its achievements. Independent since 2004, he notably signed the give of the exhibitions “Ultra skin” at the Palais de Tokyo in 2006, “100 years of Nivea” in 2011 and “Particle 14” instead of the Design last September.
What are main sources of inspiration?
They emanate from an association between the sensory and emotional. I have a particular sensitivity to the touch, the body and its interaction with space. I am in parallel with the perpetual search for a State or a moment, ordered, suggested or appropriate, interactions that leave course to a free interpretation.
If it should find three words to define you, what would they be?
Curious, attentive and insatiable. This dissatisfaction is one of my engines.
For you, is there a French Design? That characteristic is that?
Yes but it is not easy to define. For example, it is less readable than the Italian Design. There is no school, no current dominant, he went in every sense somehow…But in to opt out of codes, it is characterized by a creative freedom. In this sense, it is closer to the English currents. The France is, it seems to me today “ready” to receive and to live.
Ecology, product marketing or transfer necessary? How to integrate it in your work?
In the universe of the design, it is difficult to speak of “ecology”. If ecology is sustainable, the design is inherently ephemeral. I have a personal awareness in this regard, but it is not the starting point of my work.
How to manage the link between a set and the object it values?
The scenography is to write history, to magnify not devour, to capture a universe. It must be at the service of the object and respect. Closely correlated to the object, it may also have a role in its selection. In the case of a diverse exhibition that combines several talents, like particle 14, there is no obvious link between the works. It is not to create a fictional link but rather create an atmosphere, to translate the reflection of thoughts common to foster the entry in relation to objects.
Your next project which you would like to talk to us?
I am currently working on the presentation of a new line of jewelry for Baccarat and a bathroom project “bath in box” for Ideo Bain salon. I also prepare an exhibition around flax and its many implications “The flax in all its States” in Bordeaux, and the next exhibition of particle 14 in Milan in 2012.
Passion in the service of the creation, Cédric Martineaud leaves free course to his own words. Effervescent, anxious to stay to listen to its environment and subjects that the question, he managed to communicate his felt (and those of others) with authenticity.
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