Test of the bike saddle Brooks Cambium C17

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Using the bicycle as main means of transport every day, it is true that having a good saddle is essential. Not that I do long distances (I do maximum 5 km per day) but being seated is important for not making uncomfortable journeys on my old bike of the 1970s.
For some years I had installed a Brooks leather saddle, a very comfortable model with springs for cushioning of the road and be properly installed. This saddle, although Nice has the disadvantage of age and be damaging with the weather that we in the North! When the lecyclo store I was proposed to test the model Cambium C17 of Brooks I accepted because I was curious to see the difference with the classic model I had on the bike.
The saddle on my peugeot NS of time in the rain: after a month of use here are some notes on the product: the Cambium saddle is much more minimalist than the B66 model I own, indeed on the Cambium no springs and a seat close rubber. The passage of the B66 to the C17 is surprising because it is closed and it was regrettable the comfort of the B66 at the beginning, but eventually you get used rather well this saddle and firmness providing a bit more dynamism to the way of pedalling. And don’t forget a saddle leather is very hard initially, need the form to your gluteus and it takes time!
Not leather (saddle is covered with waterproofed cotton rubber), the saddle behaves much better in the rain that the B66 that put time to dry with a cloth kick the C17 will dry more quickly and again with the time that we have at the moment is ideal.
The C17 is also two times lighter than the B66, not that I notice the gain of 500 grams, but this is not negligible.
In terms of design the C17 is finer and very retro, it will be in my opinion perfect on a beautiful fixie.
So if you are looking for comfort at any price go instead for a leather saddle, but if you are looking for a stylish saddle, look vintage and which does not resemble a classic Saddle Brook Cambium C17 is a very good choice. This saddle is on sale at lecyclo at the price of € 119.99.

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    First time I’ve seen this new model. I too have a leather Brooks and all the wet thrown up from the road makes me worry the leather will be damaged. This new material still looks classic. Looks kind of like a fine tweed fabric, which is really in-keeping with the Brooks brand… Really nice.

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