The mad airship Jean-Marie Massaud hotel project

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You have in mind the airships of the 1930s and though according to the NY Times fashion of this means of transport could can be return on the first plane with actors such as the famous Zeppelin who proposed an airship that can accommodate 12 people more 2 crew members (a few photos below).
But especially with Jean-Marie Massaud, French designer, who works on “Manned Cloud” a flying hotel project which would move to 130 km/h. This hotel can accommodate 50 passengers more 25 crew members. Manned Cloud has a way interesting to propose alternative travel brand of intentions of companies Air France and Emirates who sees in the concept. Unlike the Zeppelin exploded in May 1937, the airship will be inflated to helium, inert gas which will therefore not explode!
This project is really in the air of the time with a strong vocation to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Autonomy: 5000 km / 72 h. max speed: 170 km/h cruise speed: 130 km/h

The NY times article is to read here.

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